As fans start gearing up for the new NFL season that starts in a few weeks YouTube announces a funch of new features and monthly payment plans to help you make the most of the Sunday Ticket subscription. New functions such as Multiview combinations, live chat, real-time highlights in YouTube shorts, plus the option of paying for the subscription via monthly payments have been announced.

Updated August 24: Student pricing has been announced by YouTube and it’s a pretty sweet deal for the Sunday Ticket, costing just $109 for the whole season. Adding the NFL RedZone costs just $10 extra, which means its pretty much a no-brainer considering it normally costs an extra $40. At $119 for NFL’s Sunday Ticket and RedZone, there’s a substantial saving of $320. Naturally, there are some differences in what is included with the Student Plan, as we’ve shown below:

  • Watch regular season Sunday afternoon games carried on CBS and FOX on channels not available in your local area. So if you’re a New England Patriots fan living in Chicago, you can watch all of the Sunday “Pats” games that aren’t shown on networks in your local market.
  • Preseason games, postseason games, and locally and nationally broadcast games are not included with NFL Sunday Ticket.
  • Student Plans do not include family sharing, and only include one signed-in device and one concurrent stream at a time.


To sign up for an NFL Sunday Ticket student membership, you must:

  • Be 18 years of age or older.
  • Be enrolled as a student at an accredited college or university.
  • Be verified as a student by SheerID. For help with the verification process, contact SheerID or review their FAQs.

While you do not need to be enrolled at a U.S. institution to be eligible, you must be located in the U.S. to watch and purchase NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube.

You will be required to verify your eligibility before purchasing the NFL Sunday Ticket Student Plan for future seasons.

Monthly Payments

Stumping up the upfront fee of $399 takes a chunk out of your wages but YouTube has now announced its new monthly payment plan that allows users to pay in equal amounts over four months, bringing the cost down to $99 monthly in some cases. Kudos to YouTube for making the NFL Sunday Ticket more accessible. And, if you are a student YouTube will soon announce plans for the Sunday Ticket which we’ll add to the article.

New Features

Multiview Options

Since launching early access in March, we’ve been refining the multiview experience so that all viewers, regardless of their TV device, are able to enjoy the feature. During this upcoming NFL season, NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers will be able to choose from an extensive assortment of multiview combinations every Sunday afternoon. If you signed up for the NFL Sunday Ticket + NFL RedZone package, your multiview options will include both out-of-market games and RedZone, whether you’re watching from YouTube or YouTube TV.

On YouTube TV, multiview combinations will also include local NFL games side-by-side with your NFL Sunday Ticket games. And even if you’re a YouTube TV member without NFL Sunday Ticket, you can still enjoy using multiview to watch NFL games and college football this fall. The more multiview, the merrier!

Live Chat and Polls

Nothing makes game days better than being able to react to every first down, fumble and touchdown with other fans. At the start of the season, viewers watching NFL Sunday Ticket games through YouTube will be able to enjoy live chat and polls on both their mobile and TV devices. And soon, we’ll also add other features such as NFL Shop integrations to complement the viewing experience

Catch up with key plays on YouTube and YouTube TV

We’re bringing a fan-favorite feature from YouTube TV — key plays — to YouTube. With key plays, viewers will either be able to catch up on a game they missed or watch a quick snippet of each major play before jumping into the live game. Key plays for YouTube will only be available on TVs this season.

Real-time NFL highlights in YouTube Shorts

NFL fans, get ready to see more NFL content on YouTube. Starting this season, real-time highlights from every single NFL game will be available in the Shorts player, right as the action is happening. Highlights that appear in viewers’ Shorts feeds on Sunday afternoon will include a red “Live” ring around the NFL channel avatar. Clicking on the ring directs viewers seamlessly to the Live tab on the NFL channel, where subscribers can easily select which NFL Sunday Ticket game they want to watch on YouTube.


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