In an era marked by hybrid work environments and rapid technological advances, the workforce is becoming increasingly diverse and distributed. Customers seek the flexibility to access applications, use various operating systems, engage with different devices, and operate from virtually any location. AWS End User Computing services provides customers with flexibility and choices, enabling them to select the optimal solution for their unique needs.

As organizations pivot to cloud-based solutions to empower remote and hybrid workers, catering to diverse application and operating system preferences is challenging. AWS EUC services are designed to bridge this gap. They offer virtual desktops and applications to employees across different devices and locations. With support for licensed and open-source operating systems, productivity apps, and specialized web apps. For example, AWS make it easy for developers to build, test, and deploy code in multiple environments, only paying for resources consumed. Productivity applications like Microsoft 365 can be used by general office staff, while warehouse employees access specific web apps on their devices. AWS EUC gives customers the option to different licensing options: customers can purchase software licenses, such as Windows and Microsoft Office suite, or use Microsoft 365 licenses through a “bring your own license” (BYOL) model on our Amazon WorkSpaces services.

For over 10 years, AWS End User Computing has maintained a strong reputation for delivering a virtual desktop experience, allowing customers the flexibility to select the application and operating systems best suited for their organization, including Microsoft 365 applications.

Join us at  EUC Innovation Day 2023 to further explore the array of software AWS End User Computing supports.


Ariel Fu is a Senior Product Manager at AWS End User Computing team. Ariel has 13 years of experience in the IT industry, including 11 years as product manager in both startups and large corporations. Over the years, she strives to lead cross-functional and cross-border teams to build mobile/desktop apps and SaaS solutions that customers love.

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