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  • Samsung has launched the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Astro Edition smartwatch.
  • The limited edition wearable won’t be available in the US, at least for now.
  • Samsung has dedicated the smartwatch to explorers and innovators in the field of astronomy.

Samsung has released a limited edition Galaxy Watch 6 variant inspired by the field of Astronomy. Called the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Astro Edition, the smartwatch is dedicated to explorers and innovators from the MENA (Middle East/North Africa) region and their contributions to the sciences. So yes, Samsung will only sell the new Galaxy Watch 6 variant in those regions. At least for now.

What’s so special about the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic Astro Edition? It’s hard to tell when you first look at the smartwatch. Look more closely and you’ll notice that it has astronomy symbols pasted on the rotating bezel of the 47mm dial.

Galaxy Watch6 Astro Edition Main 2

Samsung says the watch is inspired by an astrolabe, which is an ancient astronomical instrument that served as a star chart. Additionally, the watch also includes a solar tracker that lets users track the movement of the sun and moon.

Those are the only two new features of this limited edition Galaxy Watch, so if you’re not into astronomy and math, you’re not missing much compared to the standard Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

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