Remote and hybrid work are here to stay. That means IT organizations must enable their modern workforce for the long term. If you are interested in giving end users access to their desktops and applications from anywhere, using any device, while keeping costs low, join us at re:Invent 2023 in Las Vegas. We are hosting a workshop, “EUC203: Optimize application streaming costs with Amazon AppStream 2.0” on Wednesday, November 29 at 2:30 PM PST.  Reserve your seat for session EUC203 or view the entire re:Invent session catalog today.

Amazon AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed application streaming service that provides users with instant access to their desktop applications from anywhere. AppStream 2.0 manages the AWS resources required to host and run your applications, scales automatically, and provides on-demand access to your users. AppStream 2.0 provides users access to applications on the device of their choice, with a responsive, fluid user experience. Regardless of your level of familiarity with Amazon AppStream 2.0, this 120-minute session offers numerous learning opportunities. We will discuss using AppStream 2.0 to SaaS-ify applications without rearchitecting. With AppStream 2.0, quickly scale resources to meet changing business needs, while controlling costs by providing fixed-rate pricing with no up-front or hidden charges.

This is a hands-on workshop, so bring your laptop to participate! This session is intended for end-user compute administrators, IT professionals, and technical managers. No prior AWS experience is required. We provision AWS accounts for the duration of the workshop, so you don’t need an existing AWS account. If you have not used AppStream 2.0 before, this workshop is a great introduction. Or, if you need an AppStream 2.0 refresher and overview of recent updates, this workshop should be on your session list.

Session attendees work directly on the AWS Management Console within the first 20 minutes of the workshop. We will help you dive deep into the AppStream 2.0 service. We’ll cover use cases, pricing, and optimizing cost and end user experience. During the workshop you will interact with the service as an administrator, and an end user. AppStream 2.0 experts will facilitate this session, working with you one-on-one as necessary during the exercise.

At the end of this workshop, we’ll open it up for audience questions and discussion. During this time, you have the opportunity to ask AWS Product Managers and Solutions Architects questions about content shared during the workshop.

We look forward to seeing you at EUC203 and look forward to helping you get started with Amazon AppStream 2.0.

To learn more about the event and sign up for this builders’ session, please see the details below. Be sure to visit the team at the AWS End User Computing kiosk 7 at the expo village at the Venetian. For guidance regarding all EUC activities at re:Invent 2023, see the AWS End User Computing at re:Invent 2023: A sneak peek! blog post.

Date and timeWednesday, November 29 – 02:30 PM PST
Add EUC203 to your agenda
PresentersJustin Grego
Sr. EUC Specialist Solutions Architect
Manav Verma
Sr. Product Manager
Justin GregoJustin Grego is a Senior End User Computing Specialist Solutions Architect. As part of the EUC Service Aligned SA Team, he helps enable both customers and fellow SAs get up to speed on and be successful with new AWS EUC features and services.
Manav Verma is a Senior Product Manager for AWS End User Computing services, Amazon AppStream 2.0, and Amazon WorkSpaces. In this role he is responsible for outlining the product’s vision and direction and ensuring that the right products, features, and services are provided to best satisfy the demands of our customers.

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