Nvidia is continuing its support for Shield TV devices by rolling out the Software Experience Upgrade 9.1 that comes with a host of fixes and also some new features such as AI upscaling support for 60Hz HDR10 video (Shield Pro 2019) and the ability to wake the unit by pressing the power or Netflix button on the remote (Shield Remote 2019). We’ve got the details on what to expect with the 9.1 update after the break.

The Software Experience Upgrade 9.1 update is rolling out to all Shield and Shield Pro devices right now, and will be available from the home screen of your unit. The following enhancements and bug fixes are included:


  • Adds support to automatically enable game mode on supported TVs (ALLM)
  • Adds night listening mode (HDMI audio only)
  • Adds option specify network workgroup when connecting to SHIELD over local network
  • Adds option to create your own password when connecting to SHIELD over local network
  • [SHIELD Pro 2019] Adds AI upscaling support for 60Hz HDR10 video
  • [SHIELD Remote 2019] Adds option to only wake SHIELD with power button or NETFLIX button
  • [Game Controllers] Adds option to only wake SHIELD with logo button
  • Adds option to match uncompressed audio with Dolby reference volume levels
  • Adds option to disable displaying HDR/Dolby Vision content
  • Adds notification when app uses microphone

Bug Fixes:


  • Fixes bug where Dolby Vision mode would become re-enabled after reboot


  • Resolves issue where link speed was not reported when connecting ethernet cable
  • Resolves issue where “Restart Wi-fi” in Quick Settings was not working properly


  • Resolve audio pops heard after hotplug of USB audio devices
  • Fixes bug where some apps would only play through headphones after “Match content audio resolution” is enabled
  • Resolves issue where HDMI fixed volume required disable-enable cycle to work properly
  • Fixes bug where stereo upmix would not become enabled after playing multichannel discrete audio
  • [SHIELD 2019] Disables comfort noise feature when Dolby Audio Processing is enabled


  • Improves file transfer speeds to attached storage
  • Resolves issues where NAS would not reconnect after SHIELD restart


  • Fixes bug where SHIELD Controller 2017 or SHIELD Remote 2015 would not auto pair after taking upgrade


  • Fixes bug where SHIELD TV app would not send keyboard entries while streaming GeForce NOW
  • Resolves SHIELD TV app issue where user could not copy/paste text (passwords, URL, etc)


  • Resolves issue connecting to GeForce NOW servers while NVIDIA Share is active
  • Improves stream to twitch duration indefinitely
  • Resolves issue where system would become unresponsive after enabling Dolby Audio Processing from quick menu
  • Resolves issue where SHIELD would wake up unexpectedly
  • Improved HDMI-CEC compatibility with other HDMI connected devices
  • Resolves issue where app switcher (double tap home) would not show most recent screenshot properly
  • Resolves adb connection issue where host PC would need to be re-authorized after 7 days
  • Fixes bug where D-pad “up” and “down” would not function after upgrade

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