If you haven’t upgraded to the Phone 2 and are still using the Phone 1 you’ll be happy to learn that you can now sign up for Nothing’s Android 14 beta program. Once enrolled, your Phone 1 will be eligible to download the Android 14 Beta 3 build which comes with a few caveats you should consider before moving forward.

Ok, before we get to how you sign up, we should warn you that the Android 14 Beta 3 build isn’t recommended for use on your main handset. Nothing also advises that installing the Android 14 Beta 3 on your Phone 1 will result in your phone being factory reset with all data being erased. So if you are intent on taking part in the beta please remember to back up your important data, images, and videos before proceeding. Below is the list of known issues experienced by users:

Known Issues:

  • Fingerprints can’t be registered
  • Face unlock unavailable
  • Glyph features unavailable
  • Battery sharing unavailable
  • No Portrait Mode or slow motion feature in the camera app
  • No pre-installed Nothing weather and Nothing X apps
  • Screen cast to TV connection unavailable

What’s new

  • New support for API level 34 based on Android 14 Beta 3
  • Preinstalled apps including Nothing Launcher, Weather, Recorder
  • Preinstalled Nothing widgets

Download files

  • Download the Android 14 Beta update package: Download
  • Download the roll-back package: Download

How to upgrade to Android 14 Developer Preview

  • Go to “Settings > About phone > Software info” to confirm that your system has been updated to the latest version (Nothing OS 1.5.6). If not, please go to “Settings > System > System update” to check for updates.
  • Download the latest software update package.
  • Create a folder named “ota” in your device’s internal storage directory.
  • Copy the package to the “ota” folder.
  • Go to your phone’s dial screen and enter the following code: *#*#682#*#*
  • The local update tool will now open. In the drop-down list that appears, select the upgrade package you just copied.
  • The drop-down list will display all files in the “ota” folder – you can update the list by tapping the “RELOAD” button.
    * If the upgrade package does not appear in the drop-down list, tap the “Browse” button to select the “ota” folder and then select the upgrade package.
    * Please make sure you have prepared the correct upgrade package for your device. If the upgrade package is wrong, it will show an error prompt “Verify metadata file status”.
  • Tap the “Directly apply OTA from selection” button to start updating.
  • Please do not remove the app from the background during the update as this may cause issues with the updating process. It is recommended that you keep the local update tool until the process is completed. This will help ensure a smooth and successful update process. 
  • Reboot your device

After the upgrade process is complete, a pop-up will appear asking if you would like to reboot your device. It’s strongly recommend to select “Confirm” here, as upgrades require a reboot to enter the new version.

How to roll back to the stable build

This roll-back solution will erase all the data of your devices. Please be sure to backup first.

  1. Download the roll-back package
  2. The following steps are the same as upgrading


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