AWS End User Computing (EUC) services, including Amazon WorkSpaces and Amazon AppStream 2.0, have been delivering value to organizations of all sizes for nearly a decade. Customers trust AWS to provide a secure, reliable, agile, and cost-optimized solution for use cases such as remote workers, contractors, contact center agents, VDI replacement, developers, and users running graphics-intensive workloads. For example, Fox deployed Amazon WorkSpaces to provide secure remote access to over 5,000 users in 2 weeks. On the AppStream 2.0 front, Samsung Engineering uses GPU-accelerated instances to deliver graphics-intensive engineering applications while reducing costs by 20% compared to on-premises solutions.

AWS EUC Services

Getting Started

AWS EUC services are fully managed, allowing you to offload much of the day-to-day work associated with managing, securing, and ensuring availability of the environment. If you need assistance getting these services set up and integrated with your AWS and on-premises environments, we have qualified consulting partners who can architect a solution and provide hands-on delivery services. Whether you get help from a qualified consulting partner or architect the solution yourself, you will be responsible for handling some level of user, policy, and image management once the solution is up and running.

Introducing AWS End User Computing Workshops

AWS is offering free in-person EUC workshops for existing customers and new customers considering deploying Amazon WorkSpaces or Amazon AppStream 2.0. In the workshops, attendees will explore the technical architecture of these services and will have an opportunity to build a lab environment in an AWS-provided account, with guidance from AWS technical experts. The workshops will also include some fun games with prizes. Meals will be provided to all attendees. Some of the workshops are condensed into a single-day event and others are spread out over two days. In either case, attendees will have plenty of time to network with peers from other companies. Please join us for a workshop and feel free to share the invitation with your colleagues as well.

AWS EUC Workshop Schedule

Please use the links below to register for a workshop at a time and location convenient for you. If none of the options below are convenient, please reach out to your AWS End User Computing specialist or AWS Account Manager for other options. You can also request support from a sales specialist here.

Matt GaudioMatt Gaudio is an End User Computing Sales Specialist for AWS. He has 24 years of experience helping customers navigate end user computing and security challenges.


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