Lightning Connector vs USB C cable

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  • Apple’s UBB-C cable for the iPhone 15 series may only support USB 2.0 data transfer speeds.
  • Previous rumors have suggested that the Pro iPhone 15 models could feature higher-speed transfers.
  • The bundled cable is expected to be longer, more durable, and have no MFi restrictions.

Images of alleged Apple-made braided USB-C cables for the iPhone 15 series leaked not long back. Now, an Apple researcher named Majin Bu has leaked additional details about the cord.

According to their information, Apple’s iPhone 15 USB-C cable will stretch 1.6 meters, longer than the 1-meter USB-C-to-Lightning cable Apple supplies with the iPhone 14 series.

The researcher also suggests that Apple will stick to USB 2.0 data transfer speeds, which is the same as Lightning. USB 2.0 transfer speeds are limited to 480Mbps. So the new iPhones won’t have faster data transmission speeds compared to the current lot.

New iPhone 15 USB C Cable Info Confirmed
1.6M long
Thicker and more resistant
USB 2.0 20V3A

That said, Apple could equip the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models with higher-speed data transfer. Renowned analyst Ming-Chi Kuo previously reported that speeds will “improve markedly” on the new Pro iPhones. He expects they will support at least USB-3.2 or Thunderbolt 3. The former supports speeds up to 20Gbps, while the latter supports data transfer speeds up to 40Gbps. You can read about different types of USB cables in our explainer here.

ChargerLAB also previously outed images of the USB-C connectors made for iPhone 15 series and claimed that the new phones will support Thunderbolt technology. So it seems highly likely that Apple will bundle different USB-C cables with the Pro and non-Pro iPhone 15 variants.

Meanwhile, there’s also some good news for those looking to pick up the new iPhones when they release. As per Majon Bu’s information, Apple’s iPhone 15 USB-C cables won’t have MFi (Made For iPhone) restrictions like previously rumored.

First-party and MFi-certified Lightning connectors contain an integrated circuit to confirm their authenticity. Apple limits the functionality and support for non-MFi third-party accessories, forcing users to buy from the company. There were fears Apple would do the same with the USB-C cable for the iPhone 15 series, but as per the latest leak, that may not be the case.

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