Beats Studio Pro

The wireless headphones only hit the shelves on July 19, so we weren’t anticipating any markdown for a while, let alone a 29% discount. Apple isn’t as frugal when it comes to deals on the Beats line compared to the latest iPhones and iPads, but there’s a loyal customer base who’ll usually keep the price high on the brand for many months. While the Beats Fit Pro 2 earbuds may be on the way, you’re unlikely to see a deal this good on them as early.

Beats Studio ProBeats Studio Pro

Beats Studio Pro

Spatial audio, lossless playback, and big battery life

The Beats Studio Pro are a relatively light-weight set of Bluetooth headphones. With up to 40 hours of battery life, USB Type-C charging and wired playback, as well as a 3.5mm port, ANC, and Spatial Audio, these are contenders for the hottest headphones of 2023.

A successor to the Beats Studio 3, these headphones retain the iconic design Beats is known for but with upgraded features like Transparency mode, adaptive Active Noise Cancelation, personalized spatial audio, and Hi-Res playback via USB-C. Despite being an Apple product, the cans are also highly compatible with Android devices. They support Google Fast Pair, Audio Switch, and even come with a dedicated Android app for customization and updates. On the iOS side, users can enjoy one-touch pairing, Siri voice commands, and over-the-air updates. The sound quality is enhanced with 40mm drivers that minimize distortion, even at high volumes.

With a battery life of over 40 hours and a quick charge feature that provides up to four hours of playback in just 10 minutes, they’re built for extended wear. UltraPlush ear cushions accommodate these longer listening sessions. You can pick them up in Black, Deep Brown, Navy, and Sandstone.

We hope this Beats Studio Pro deal will last, but we wouldn’t bet on it. Hit the widget above to learn more.

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