As smartphones creep up in cost so does the amounts payable for fixing them when they need repairing. Such, you can import some parts on the cheap and hope they arrive before Christmas but it’s always advised to get your phone repaired with official parts by trained technicians. Repairing your phone doesn’t have to break the bank though with Verizon’s Mobile Protect device protection available from $17 monthly.

That $17 monthly payment gets your cracked display repaired without a deductible with damage replacements for phones beyond repair requiring a $99 deductible (down from $249). You can even request the recover of the data on your damaged phone.

Other repairs covered include the following:

  • Unlimited claims: Get an unlimited number of claims
  • No extra cost cracked screen repairs: Unlimited and at no extra cost to you
  • Same-day delivery and setup: For replacement smartphones and new devices purchased here. Enjoy seamless device and content set-up
  • $99 damage deductible: The most you’ll pay to replace your damaged device is $99
  • Battery replacement: Fast replacement at a Verizon-Authorized repair facility
  • Data recovery: Your memories are precious. Recover data, even if your device is damaged
  • 24/7 tech support plus digital security and privacy tools: Download the included apps: Tech Coach, Digital Secure and Call Filter

Verizon’s Mobile Protect costs $17 monthly for a single device or $60 monthly for three registered lines, with unlimited claims for active subscribers. The link for Verizon’s Mobile Protect is below if you want to take a closer look with the knowledge that Open Enrollment closes on October 19.

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