On September 13, 2023, at AWS End User Computing Innovation Day, I will host a session demonstrating how to convert a desktop application to cloud-based delivery in less than an hour. I will provide an overview of Amazon AppStream 2.0 and discuss newly released features. I will also demonstrate how to use app block builder to package an application and make it available on a sample membership website.

AppStream 2.0 is a fully managed software as a service (SaaS) application streaming and virtual desktop service that helps users securely access their applications from anywhere with a web browser. Your SaaS applications and data are securely transmitted across the network as encrypted pixels. With AppStream 2.0, you can quickly scale your applications to users across the globe, without having to manage infrastructure.

In this session, I will show you how to use app block builder to create an AppStream 2.0 managed app block with VSCodium. I’ll create an application and associate it to an Elastic fleet. The application will be made available to our users after subscribing. The sample membership site is built using AWS Amplify.

Join my session by registering on our event page. This event will be live streamed on TwitchLinkedInTwitter, and YouTube.

Jeremy SchieferJeremy Schiefer is a Sr. Security SA with Amazon Web Services. He is a member of the end-user compute community and has authored several blogs and workshops. Jeremy is passionate about security, 3D printing, and Internet of things (IoT).

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