I’m looking forward to seeing you at AWS End User Computing Innovation Day 2023 on September 13, 2023!
In my session I will discuss migrating VDI solutions from on-premises to AWS with Amazon WorkSpaces Core.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, organizations are constantly seeking ways to enhance their agility, security, and cost-efficiency. One significant shift that has gained traction in recent years is the migration of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) services from on-premises data centers to the cloud. This migration path offers numerous benefits, and Amazon Web Services (AWS) is at the forefront of simplifying and accelerating this transition through its robust End User Computing services portfolio.

In this session, we will explore various VDI migration use cases and provide valuable recommendations on leveraging AWS End User Computing services for a seamless and successful migration journey.

With virtual desktops there are two main components; The frontend which is how end users access the desktops, and the backend which is where the storage volumes reside, and the operating system and applications execute. In order to execute a smooth desktop migration, the end user and admin must experience a minimal amount of change in terms of how they do their jobs. Using Amazon WorkSpaces Core is key to making your migration a success.

Please join me at 11:55pm PDT on September 13. You can view the full event agenda and register for the free virtual event here. This event will be live streamed on Twitch, LinkedIn, X (Twitter), and YouTube.

Andrew KlomanAndrew is a Global Technology Lead, Digital Workplace Partners – Partner Solutions Architect at Amazon Web Services

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