Google established FRP (Factory Reset Protection) to prevent illegal usage of the Android system. However, this can sometimes be a problem with mobile device protocols when someone keeps forgetting their login credentials or purchases a secondhand android smartphone. Many worldwide individuals have to deal with this problem regularly: bypassing FRP locks on Android devices. For Android users, the FRP lock may be very annoying and intimidating.

However, due to this, the FRP lock was circumvented by developers and members of the Android community. Because FRP lock bypass is lawful, no one can be held accountable for it. And if you’re unaware of How to Bypass FRP Lock on Android Device, don’t worry. In this article, you’ll discover the finest methods to bypass this FRP lock on Android devices. Let’s get going!

Why Does Your Android Phone Get an FRP Lock?

Anyone who discovered an Android device before the release of Android 5.1 Lollipop may have easily accessed the device’s data and settings. The narrative took an unexpected turn after the release of Android Lollipop and subsequent versions of the Android operating system. The implementation of Google Account Verification or Factory Reset Protection (FRP) in its latest versions of the Android OS has fundamentally altered how users may access their phones.

To provide you with an additional layer of security, Android devices now come equipped with FRP locks. In the following circumstances, you will be subject to the FRP lock:

  • If you’ve factory reset your phone but don’t remember the Google account credentials
  • If you’ve just found the lost phone and trying to get it factory reset. This happens mostly in the theft cases
  • If you have bought a secondhand Android device with someone else’s account Google account and you don’t know the credentials, you’ll most probably have to face the FRP lock on such device.

Methods to Remove FRP Lock on Android Devices

Wondering how you can get rid of FRP locks on Android devices? Let’s find out the answer in this section. Although this feature is very useful and has made people’s data secure in case of theft, if you somehow forget your account credentials, this can be quite frustrating. You cannot use your phone until you get rid of FRP locks.

And although several methods can bypass the FRP lock on Android devices, not all are secure. If you want a good and a secure method to remove the lock, follow these two methods:

Method 1. Using FRP Bypass APK

The FRP Bypass APK is a concept that members conceived of the Android development community and the developer community to assist users who are locked out of their phones. Especially considering that one in every three users in the United States is known for forgetting their login information.

This method for removing the factory reset protection (FRP) entirely removes all of the security measures in place for Android phones (running Android 5.0 or later), resulting in an unlocked handset. The basic methods outlined here will also allow you to deactivate the Google account that has been synchronized with your phone, just like the third-party APK program does.

Step 1: You will need to download the FRP Bypass.apk file on your computer, and after the download is complete, you will need to transfer the file onto a USB drive.

Step 2: The next step is to open the afflicted phone and use a USB on-the-go connector to attach the flash drive to the mobile device.

Step 3: The File Explorer will launch on your phone, after which you should go to the Settings menu. Now, activate the unknown option sources.

Step 4: After the file has been installed on the handset, go to the Settings menu. Here, choose the option to backup and reset the settings.

Step 5: After that, choose the Factory Data Reset option and confirm your selection.

Weaknesses of FRP Bypass APK

Although it helps you bypass FRP lock on your Android device, it does have some drawbacks, including:

  • The APK is not available on Google Play Services, which means you’ve to install it from other sources that can cause some security concerns.
  • To bypass the FRP lock using this APK, you must have some tech skills. The APK is not user-friendly.
  • In some cases, the APK is ineffective, which means it doesn’t always guarantee a 100% success rate.

You need professional third-party software to bypass the FRP lock on Android devices to avoid these weaknesses. And your best choice in this scenario is the DroidKit software, which can easily bypass the FRP lock.

Method 2. Using DroidKit

DroidKit is amongst the best tools that you can use to get rid of FRP locks on your Android devices. It comes with the DroidKit FRP Remover feature that helps you remove the FYP lock of your Android device.

Moreover, it is a user-friendly collection of numerous technology solutions for Android smartphones to help you out of difficult circumstances. FRP lock bypass is one of their specialties in the full suite. It is a superior alternative to the FRP Bypass APK approach since it has a greater success rate and works with almost all Android devices on the market.

Key Features:

  • Remove the Android lock screen and Google account.
  • Recover deleted photographs, WhatsApp conversations, SMS, and more without root.
  • Resolve system faults and reinstall/upgrade the operating system on Samsung phones and tablets.
  • Save your files to your PC/Mac with a single click, and manage all data with easy steps.

To remove FRP lock on Android devices using DroidKit, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download and install DroidKit on your PC, and launch it. After that, go to FRP Bypass and click on Start; it will then detect your device.

Note: Ensure your device is connected to the PC via USB cable.

Step 2: It will start preparing a configuration file for your device. Once prepared, click on Start to Bypass

Step 3: Put your phone in recovery mode by following the on-screen instructions. Once the phone is in recovery mode, select your Android OS version from the ones displayed on the DroidKit interface.

Step 4: After selecting the Android OS version, click Download Now. Now, complete the corresponding setting on your Samsung mobile device by first selecting the Wipe Cache Partition.

Note: Make sure you carry out each step as outlined in the DroidKit interface.

Step 5: After you’re done with the corresponding setting, click on Next, and the device will automatically restart, and the FRP Lock will also be effectively removed.

This is how you can remove the FRP lock on Android devices. If you’re wondering how to bypass Samsung FRP locks, this tool is your answer since the tool is highly compatible with Android devices.


Even though FRP lock has brought exponential security to your data on Android devices, it can be quite annoying if you have forgotten your device account credentials. Also, in secondhand Android devices, you mostly face FRP lock issues. However, we hope that you know How to Bypass FRP Lock on Android Device after reading this article. Moreover, we recommend using DroidKit to carry out the job because it can also solve other Android issues and is fairly easy to use.

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