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Pixel 7 camera bump


  • A Pixel Superfans survey suggests Google is mulling new AI photography features.
  • These features could first appear on the upcoming Pixel 8 series.
  • The survey also hints at improvements to camera launching speeds on Google’s phones.

A survey going out to Pixel Superfans may have revealed new camera tricks Google’s phones are about to gain. According to a tip received by Mishaal Rahman, Google could be looking at adding a new AI feature to improve group photos taken by Pixel phones.

The survey includes the following two statements about the potential new Pixel camera feature:

  • “No worries if someone’s distracted during a group photo, your phone’s AI can still make it into a perfect group photo.”
  • “Create the perfect team picture by merging everyone’s best shot with your phone’s AI technology so everyone looks great.”

It looks like Google is looking at using AI-powered photo merging techniques to make individual people in a group photo look their best.

More new AI features coming to Pixels

Frequent Android Authority contributor Kamila Wojciechowska managed to dig up a few more options from the survey referring to unreleased Pixel AI photography features. One of them reads as follows:

“Have endless fun with your team photos with your phone’s creative AI editing tools that let you instantly change the photo background, peoples’ clothes, or truly anything else in the photo.” This likely refers to Google’s upcoming Magic Editor tool, which the company has already announced.

The survey also reportedly hints at faster camera launching speeds. For instance, “When the game-winning moment is happening, your smartphone camera can open so quickly that you never miss the perfect shot.”

The same would also apply to videos per the wording in the survey — “Your smartphone camera opens so quickly that as soon as you spot your favorite basketball players entering the court, you can instantly capture a perfectly clear video of them.”

Wojciechowska expects these and many other new AI features to land with the Pixel 8 series. The tipster has also heard that Google is working on a summarization feature for the Recorder app that will run offline using on-device AI.

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