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  • Cricket Wireless now offers discounts for individual subscribers who pay months in advance.
  • Depending on how far ahead you pay, you can earn up to $300 off your yearly charges.
  • The three new plans are online-only, so don’t go to a brick-and-mortar shop for them.

Going with a prepaid wireless plan has a few benefits. Most notably, you only pay for the months you need and can switch carriers anytime. However, if you know you’re going to stick with a single carrier for a while, there aren’t many benefits for you.

Thankfully, Cricket Wireless is rolling out a new offer to reward loyal subscribers. Starting today, the prepaid wireless AT&T MVNO is offering three discount plans geared towards folks who know they will stick with Cricket for a few months to a year. All you need to do is pay in advance.

Here’s how the new deals break down:

  • Pay for three months in advance: You pay $120 for those three months, saving $45 total
  • Pay for six months in advance: You pay $210 for those six months, saving $120 total
  • Pay for 12 months in advance: You pay $360 for that year, saving $300 total

There’s nothing different about these plans when compared to the usual Cricket Wireless offerings. The only change is saving money for paying longer than the traditional month-to-month agreement.

These plans are not offered in the brick-and-mortar Cricket shops and only work for subscribers with one line. In order to get one, you must sign up online. To get started with that, check out Cricket’s subscription page.

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