best sports addons for kodi

Here is the list of the 15 best Sports Addons for Kodi as in 2023, on these addons you will be able to watch any kind of sports including football, NFL, NHL, UFC, WWE and more.

Kodi is one of the best platforms for users to stream live sports for free. However, if you have been using Kodi for some time, you may have realized that it’s pretty hard to find useful and working sports addons. That’s because sports addons face several challenges, including being targeted by ISPs and copyright authorities, not being updated frequently, or even being abandoned/ discontinued altogether.

Nevertheless, if you wish to watch live and on-demand sports on Kodi, you can do so by installing the right addons. We have tested the most popular and latest addons, and this guide lists and reviews the best Kodi sports addons in 2023.

If you are looking for a specific sport, check out our addons lists by sport:
– Football (soccer) Kodi addons

– NFL Kodi addons
– UFC Kodi Addons
Boxing Kodi Addons
– WWE Kodi Addons

⚠ Be Careful!

There have been significant crackdowns over the last few months on illegal streaming. The issues have been implemented through ISPs, blocking user access to streaming links, shutting down Kodi addons, sending DMCA notices, and generally warning against the use of illegal streams.

Such measures mean that you may not be able to access live sport Kodi streams, and if you do, you may get Kodi errors or even a copyright infringement notice.

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The 15 Best Kodi Sports Addons in 2023

I’ve sorted this list based on my personal preference, on how easy it is to use, and also how versatile overall. If your list is different or you know some others deserving inclusion, please let us know in the comments below.

Here are the best Kodi Sports Addons to watch live sports:

1. Mad Titan Sports

Mad Titan Sports is live sports addon

Mad Titan Sports tops our list of the best Kodi sports addons. The addon is the sports version of the Mad Titan Kodi addon and provides streams to all major sporting events. Mad Titan Sport’s main section has categories such as Live Sports, Replay Zone, Sports Networks, and Live TV. The Live Sports section provides live streams to 15+ different sports, including PPVs, Boxing, NBA, MLB, NHL, Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Rugby, MotorSports, and more.

The Sports Network section is a superb recent addition that provides sports channels from all over the world. These include SuperSport, ESPN, Fox Sports, NFL Redzone, Arena Sports, etc. These and more channels can also be found under the Live TV section, which is powered by scrappers such as USTV Go and LNTV.

How to Install Mad Titan Sports Kodi Addon

2. The Loop

The Loop is a Sports dedicated addon for Kodi

The Loop is another  Sports Kodi addon. This addon sources links from various websites and gives you live and on-demand content from TV services in the UK, the US, and Canada.

Its current categories are CBC Regionals, Fan Zone, Fight Zone, Game Zone Replay, Golf 24/7, NBC Sports Regionals, and Test Zone. Each of these categories is well loaded with content.

Check out the Loop install guide

3. Sport HD

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is sport-hd-150x150.jpg

As its name suggests, Sport HD is a dedicated sports Kodi addon. The addon is located in the Bugatsinho Repository on Github, and it pulls streams from and various other websites. Its main menu includes Live Events, Sports, and Best Leagues.

The live events section is very reliable and usually has upcoming events all lined up. Links are then added before the event starts. You can also access better-categorized content through the sports and best leagues sections.

Find here the SportHD install guide

4. Asgard (Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix)

Asgard is an excellent Kodi Addon

Asgard is one of the best all-in-one Kodi addons to install and watch almost anything, sports included. The addon’s sports section provides WWE replays, Boxing replays, UFC replays, and sports documentaries.

There’s an IPTV section that includes various Addons such as TV One, TV Choice, Distro TV, and Fluxus IPTV, among others, to watch live sports. These addons will let you access anything you want to, live and free.

Here’s our guide on how to Asgard Kodi Addon

5. TvTap (Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix)

TvTap is a Kodi addon for live TV Channels watching, including the main Sports Channels around the world

TVTap Kodi addon is adapted from the popular TVTap Android app, one of the best apps to watch sports for free. Just like the app, the Addon is an IPTV type with links to streams for many TV Channels. These are organized into categories such as Documentary, Entertainment, Movies, News, Sports, and more.

The sports category is arguably the most popular section as it contains the most channels and is super reliable. Sports channels are organized into countries under alphabetical order, making it easy to find a channel you are interested in. These channels cover all kinds of sports, from football to tennis, from UFC to WWE.

Here’s how to install TvTap on Kodi

6. Apex

Apex is an all-in-one kodi addon

Apex is an all-in-one Kodi addon that offers Movies, TV Shows, Documentaries, Kids’ content, and Sports. The sports section is super rich in content, and it focuses on American sports. The categories provided are PPV Live events, NBA Live, MLB Live Games, NFL Live, NHL Live, XFL Football Live, NCAA Basketball Live, NCAA Football Live NHL Live, and WWE/Smackdown Live. The PPV section caters to UFC and MMA events.

Each of the listed sections provides all ongoing events, with a single event being provided with an average of two streams. The streams are also updated a few minutes before kickoff.

Here’s our guide on how to Install Apex Kodi Addon

7. The Endzone

The Endzone is a dedicated american sports Addon for Kodi

The Endzone is a Kodi sports addon hosted in the Grindhouse Repository. The addon majors in American sports, and if you are a fan, you should definitely install it. The main menu has sections for NFL, NBA, NCAAF, MMA/Boxing, and Wrestling.

Each of the listed sections then has all the sporting events taking place on that specific day. You can watch all these events live, with the links being updated 5 minutes before each event.

Visit The Endzone Install guide.

8. Fight Club (Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix)

Fight Club is an addon to watch live and on-demand fight sport events

Fight Club is an addon dedicated to all fighting action. The addon provides on-demand sports action from all wrestling competitions, UFC, and MMA, among others. You can also use it to watch fighting-related shows such as Total Divas and the Ultimate Fighter Series.

Everything is arranged neatly to allow easy navigation, so you won’t have difficulty finding what you are looking for. If you are a WWE or UFC fan, this one is definitely, a must-have.

Here’s our guide on How to Install Fight Club Kodi Addon

9. Sportowa (Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix)

Sportowa TV is a sports dedicated Kodi addon

Like Rising Tides, the Sportowa Kodi addon provides direct links to live events. The addon is also sports-oriented, but it takes a unique approach – Instead of just links, it provides various scrappers such as Sport 365 Live, LiveTV.Sx, Crickfree, Live Looker,, TVP Sport, Strims World, TVCOM, SportsBay (recommended), and Live Channels.

Each of the scrappers provided offers streams for all types of events, listed in categories. You will see matches for up to the coming two days, although the links are only updated when the event is almost starting.

Here’s the Sportowa install guide

10. Gridiron Legends

Gridiron is a sports specialized Kodi Addon

Gridiron Legends is a Kodi addon from the Nole Dynasty repo; it’s one of the best sports addons at the moment. The addon provides the best way to watch American sports such as the NFL, NBA, MLB, WWE, and even college sports. Apart from that, you can also use it to enjoy football (soccer) from all major competitions in the world.

If offered, Gridiron Legends provides both live sports and catch-up content for all the sports. Its main categories include NFL, live, college football, PPV, wrestling, documentaries, and Sports TV.

11. Live Net/LNTV

LiveNet is an excellent Kodi Addon to watch live TV for free

LNTV is another super addon that provides 800+ live TV channels, and it’s sourced from Live NetTV apk. The addon organizes channels into Entertainment, News, Sports, Documentary, Kids, etc. The sports section has 130+ sports channels that you can rely on to watch pretty much any popular sport.

LNTV comes with a special Live Events section that provides links to upcoming and ongoing sporting events. These events rely on the sports channels provided, but you can choose your preferred broadcaster here.

How to Install LNTV Kodi Addon

12. Purely Wrestling

Purely Wrestling is a wrestling dedicated addon for Kodi

Purely Wrestling is a Kodi 19 addon dedicated to wrestling content, as the name suggests. The addon comes with lots of categories, with the first one being live sports. This section provides direct links to all major ongoing wrestling events, including Smackdown and Raw.

Other categories provided include Shows, Pay Per Views, Royal Rumble, Archives, Documentaries, UFC Replays, iMPACT, Network Collections, WrestleMania, Summer Slam, Interviews, and Classics. A lot of the content is available for free, but you will need a Real-Debrid account to access most replays.

How to Install Purely Wrestling Kodi Addon

13. Centry Sports

Centry Sports Addon

Centry Sports is another of the best Kodi sports addons, and it provides a wide variety of live TV and sports content. The addon is divided into two main sections: Live TV and Sports. The Live TV section provides hundreds of live TV channels sourced from Daddy Live and USTV Go scrappers. The former provides a wide array of worldwide channels, while the latter provides 90 of the major US channels.

To watch sports replays, you can go to the Sports section. Here, you’ll find three scrapers: Soccer Streams, NBA Streams, and NHL streams. These can be used to watch all major football leagues and competitions in Europe, as well as the NBA and NHL.

How to Install Centry Sports Kodi Addon

14. Rising Tides (Kodi 18 Leia and Kodi 19 Matrix)

Rising Tides is one of the best sports dedicated Kodi Addon

Rising Tides is a specialized sports addon that offers streams for more than 15 different genres of sports. The streams are very well organized to make it easy to navigate. The categories include Live Football (Soccer), Football Highlights, Sports Channels, Live PPV Events, and Extra Live Content.

The sports channel section offers lots of IPTV channels from across the world that you can tune into at any time. The live sections, on the other hand, make it easy to stream live by providing direct links for the game or event you’d like to watch (usually made available 5 min before the event starting time).

Here’s the Rising Tides installation guide

15. BBC iPlayer

BBC iPlayer is the official Kodi addon for BBC Broadcasting

BBC iPlayer Kodi addon is an official addon that can be accessed from within the Kodi repository under the name iPlayer – WWW. The addon provides access to BBC’s iPlayer content from within Kodi, and it is well-developed to ensure smooth functionality.

BBC iPlayer usually provides various sports and sports programs for free throughout the year. You can watch football, NFL (including the Super Bowl), tennis, women’s football, and so much more. However, iPlayer’s content is only available within the UK, and so you will need a Good VPN like Surfshark if you are outside the region.

FAQs About Best Kodi Sports Addons

Are Kodi Sports Addons legal?

Official Kodi Addons are completely legal. However, the real soul of Kodi resides in the so-called third-party Kodi Addons.
Third-party Kodi sports addons lie in a legal grey area in that they do not host the content they provide, something that would otherwise make them outright illegal. However, some of the content they provide access to is still illegal, so it’s the responsibility of the user to ensure that they do not infringe copyrights. Always use a reliable VPN whenever you are streaming on Kodi using third-party addons to stay safe.

What are the Best Kodi Sports Addons?

The best third-party Kodi sports addons provide users with a wide range of sports, including both live sports and replays. The best working of these, include Mad Titan Sports, TV Tap, The Loop, Sport HD, and Sportowa.

Are Kodi Sports Addons Safe?

Yes, Kodi addons are safe. These addons do not host any malware, and they also block pop-ups and addons that may pose a risk to users accessing the same streams via websites. However, users will still need to take proactive measures to protect themselves from copyright infringement issues.

What devices can we use to install Kodi Sports Addons on?

You can install Kodi sports addons on all devices that support Kodi. These include Fire TV devices, Android TV devices, Android, Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Can’t you stream some content?

It’s important to note that third-party Kodi addons are not the most reliable streaming means as they rely on unofficial links and streams. However, in most cases, your streams may be affected by either ISP blocking or throttling.

Check the Log for more information. ?

kodi error check log for more information

🤔 Are the streams always buffering?

For example, in the UK, ISPs partner with the premier league to block access to illegal football streams. Other ISPs also throttle user connection if they notice possible copyright-infringing streams, which usually leads to too much buffering. If you add all these to the fact that some streams will be intentionally blocked for users outside a specific region, you may need to find a solution.


👉 If you don’t want your ISP to spy on your traffic, block streams, slow down your connection or be geo-blocked, you can subscribe to a VPN.

There are a couple of VPNs that you can use with Kodi; however, there is only one that stands out as the best VPN for Kodi >> Surfshark.

Surfshark just may be the fastest VPN provider out there, and you need as much speed as possible to stream. There are free VPNs, but they use slow servers and then the streams would be constantly buffering. With Surfshark you will get the best VPN experience available for the most competitive price.

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Wrap up

Kodi addons come and go, and it has become quite hard to find reliable sports and IPTV addons. To help our readers solve this problem, we have taken it upon ourselves to draft the above list after testing and reviewing lots of Kodi addons.
However, since these addons are always changing with some being dropped and others cropping up, the list keeps on changing. Always check back for the latest!

We hope this article has been helpful if you seek to watch sports on Kodi. If so, please leave a rating and share it with your friends.

Have nice sports streaming!

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