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At the start of a new decade, there’s usually a lot of anticipation and enthusiasm among players in the gaming industry. Gamers eagerly await the arrival of innovative and high-quality AAA games that offer exceptional graphics, immersive stories, and exciting gameplay. However, as we progress deeper into the 2020s, some gamers are becoming concerned about the scarcity of AAA games. We wrote this article with the support of, a company with extensive experience in triple aaa game development. We will investigate the issue of “masterpiece stagnation” and examine the reasons why we may be experiencing a shortage of AAA games at the start of this new decade.

Developing a AAA game

It is important to acknowledge that creating a AAA game demands a lot of time, effort, and resources from developers. The process can take years and requires a significant investment in technology, personnel, and marketing. Due to these factors, developers often choose to focus on developing sequels or remakes of established titles, rather than taking risks on entirely new games.

This is evident in the fact that many of the highly anticipated games of the early 2020s are either sequels or remakes. For instance, the highly anticipated sequel to the 2018 title, God of War, is set to release in 2022. Similarly, the remake of the classic title, Final Fantasy VII, received critical acclaim upon its release in 2020. Although these games are expected to be excellent, they may not offer the same level of innovation and breakthroughs that many gamers are hoping for in a new AAA game.


One possible reason for the lack of new AAA games is the extensive development process, which requires significant resources such as time, money, and marketing. Developers may prioritize sequels or remakes of popular titles instead of creating entirely new intellectual properties. This trend is reflected in the current market, where many of the most anticipated games are sequels or remakes. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the gaming industry, leading to production delays and disruptions in the supply chain. Furthermore, the rise of indie games and smaller development studios may be affecting the production of AAA titles, with some developers choosing to focus on creating smaller, more unique games. However, the stagnation of AAA games may be a temporary phenomenon, as new technologies and developments may lead to innovative and groundbreaking titles in the future. For now, players may have to settle for sequels and remakes dominating the gaming industry.


At the start of the new decade, there are fewer new AAA games, leading some to speculate about a “masterpiece stagnation.” The COVID-19 pandemic and the growth of indie games are among the factors that might be contributing to this trend. It is crucial to recognize that developing AAA games is resource-intensive and time-consuming. However, as the industry evolves and new technologies emerge, there will likely be a revival of innovative and groundbreaking AAA titles.

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