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On July 4, late in the evening, the last component for Destiny 2’s next weekly reset also became accessible. This component enables you to perform a secret activity, upon completion of which you receive a new exotic weapon with the odd moniker Wicked Implement. Because of this, we shall examine the acquisition process in great depth in this essay.

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As planned by the developers, to launch a hidden activity, users first need to collect 3 different pieces of the sword. To do this, it is necessary to catch and then hand over three special exotic fish to the aquarium of the HELMET headquarters: one from the European Dead Zone, the second from Nessus, and the third from the world throne of Savathun.

Next, we describe in more detail the process of catching exotic fish and a number of nuances:

  • Bait is needed to catch fish. It drops out of all activities, but in our opinion, the easiest and fastest way to farm is to complete public events. Players can trigger all public events.
  • Upon arriving in the area, you will see a column of light pointing toward the dam where the fishing takes place.
  • After successful fishing, depending on luck and great randomness, you will receive a fish of a certain grade – ordinary, blue, purple, or exotic. In our opinion, the drop chance of the latter is almost the same as that of equipment, so stock up on a huge amount of bait.
  • To fill the focus bar on the left, players collect purple varieties of fish. This helps increase the likelihood that the player will be able to catch exotic fish.


When you finally have all the blades, you can start doing the secret activity. In other words, you will embark on a unique spin-off of the Deep Dives seasonal activity. To get started, you must first activate the three Hive Sculptures that are spread out across the dive. Swords are not consumed when activated. Let’s say you succeeded. Then, as soon as you defeat the boss on the second level, you will see how the second door comes off to the right of the area (when viewed from the entrance side). Behind this door, you will find three more statues. Whether they have swords or not, each player must activate one statue to remove the barrier from the underwater area. By the way, as soon as you pass it, the gift effects that you received at the beginning of the activity, at the end of the first stage, and at the beginning of the second stage, will instantly disappear.

Further, having overcome 2 underwater segments in total and having destroyed a small group of opponents, you will stumble upon the first boss of Khull, the executioner knight. It spawns along with 3 Possessed Minotaurs. The main task of the players is to kill these creatures. After completing this mission, players receive a special buff. This buff allows players to deal normal damage to the boss. Each killed minotaur adds 1 stack of buff, increasing the damage dealt. When collecting 3 stacks, a timer will appear (1 minute, 15 seconds), and after its expiration, the buff will disappear.

At this stage, try not to use strong abilities or powerful weapons because the boss will run away, once you get his XP down to a certain bar. This happens quite quickly.

This is a crucial detail: once the boss flees, a door on the right side of the scene (again, as seen from the entrance) can be accessed, and it will lead to a structure with pyramidal architecture. A 10-minute countdown will begin as soon as you enter the large, slightly ajar entrance. You must use this time to defeat the first and second bosses, or the party will be sent back into orbit. Change your build, weaponry, and other factors beforehand to avoid wasting time afterward.

Behind the door, you will find a small room with enemies, a barrier, and a floating pyramid object. A shot at it removes the barrier. We perform similar actions in the next room (an object under the stairs) and finally go to where the boss ran away. We shoot at the object near the right near the column to remove the barriers on the sides of the location where the possessed minotaurs stand, collect a buff from them, and finally kill the first boss.

The second creature, Omen, the sword of the dark terrace, resides in the labyrinth once we run through the open door, set a special raid flag, and leap inside. The mechanics of gathering buffs from three minotaurs are also covered throughout the battle with him. It is preferable for one of the party members to take Divinity because the tormentor is already in the second phase, making it much easier to do damage. By doing this, you can fire a highly mobile beast anywhere instead of only at its chest.

After defeating the tormentor, we seek a corridor with a ladder that leads to a statue of a witness. We converse with the statue, and after a brief delay, we get the exotic rifle known as the Wicked Implement. Following that, 7 floating objects of darkness will appear above the statue and around the maze; by eliminating them, a secret accomplishment will be achieved.

Summing up, there are a lot of weapons in Destiny 2, from the simplest to the legendary. These items are the most exciting part of the Destiny 2 universe. We hope that with our guide, you will be able to get a unique weapon.

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