ZiniTevi has updated! ZiniTevi version 1.2.6 is finished and available for installation.

ZiniTevi is an auto-play APK that is currently working fabulously on popular streaming devices.

For these reasons, it is considered one of TROYPOINT’s Best APK’s for streaming Movies and TV Shows.

ZiniTevi 1.2.6 Changelog

Listed below are the following updates to ZiniTevi for version 1.2.6.

Use the guide below to install the latest version of ZiniTevi on your preferred streaming device:

How To Install ZiniTevi APK

Previous Updates

Previous 1.2.5 Update

  • Faster playback on streams
  • Updated security & privacy
  • Bug fixes
  • Added link providers

Previous 1.1.9 Update

  • Bug Fixes
  • Remember selected subtitle language for next play
  • Updated Home screen
  • Filter search results by year
  • Added video sources for Arabic language

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For more information on ZiniTevi and the developers, you can check out their official site below.

ZiniTevi Official Site

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