Clubhouse has earned a decent amount of popularity in the last few weeks because it helped popularize a fresh new concept: live “drop-in” audio chats where anyone can drop in and talk. Clubhouse, in particular, started to become popular through the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, where the internet and social media became even more prevalent in our lives than they already were in previous times, and that growth accelerated exponentially since the start of 2021. It has now popularized the concept of “audio chatrooms”, and big technology companies are running to get a piece of the cake, with companies like Facebook reportedly rushing to make their own competitor. Twitter also made one of their own, which is called Twitter Spaces, and they might be testing it on Android now.

The Twitter Spaces feature has, so far, stayed only on iOS together with a host of iOS-exclusive features such as voice tweets (which have yet to make their way to Android), but the feature has already reached the hands of a lot of users, even if it’s only in “test mode” according to Twitter (which is fancy speak for “beta”). How do we know it’s being tested on Android right now? Well, for one, users have started to report it working, such as in the replies for this tweet. Users have specifically reported that the feature is working for them after installing a specific beta version of the Twitter app (which you can download right here to see if it works for you).

So what’s the catch? Firstly, since a rollout for Android has not been announced yet and since the feature is not yet working on the stable version of the app, it’s pretty safe to say that this feature is probably still pretty rough around the edges. And indeed: captions seem fairly wonky according to Android Police’s coverage, not to mention that you can’t start your own space, only join others’ spaces. The fact that it’s currently being worked on is pretty good on its own, and we can’t wait until the final rollout comes.

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