This program downloads video and audio streams (from VRT, VTM, VIER, Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch, Veoh, BBC, +900 more sites) to a videofile or mp3file based on a version of the open-source youtube-dl engine. It is in fact only a front-end for youtube-dl.


Purpose and Restrictions of Usage

The purpose of TVDownloader is to act as a personal video/audio-recorder to watch legally accessible online-videos or listen to legally accessible online-music at a later time while you are offline.

TVDownloader is intended for private use only.

TVDownloader may not be used for commercial or illegal purposes: do not make video or music archives, do not spread or sell videos or music and respect the copyright policies of the authors, sites and countries you are downloading from.

Please read the Legal Disclaimer and Copyright Infringement Policy before using TVDownloader.

Version History

Version 1.0 11/01/2016 and supported
Version 1.1 12/01/2016 and supported
Version 1.2 13/01/2016 supported
Version 1.3 18/01/2016 support for xp and win7
Version 1.4 11/04/2016 fix for and streams
Version 1.7 22/01/2017 complete parser rewrite ( fix) and UI version
Version 1.6 24/01/2017 supported
Version 1.7 28/06/2017 complete engine replacement, userid/password support, audio download, support for over 900+ video-sites
Version 1.7.1 27/07/2017 engine replacement for and, UI auto-resize to screen dpi
Version 1.8 28/07/2017 added option to download subtitles and write metadata to video/audio file
Version 1.9 18/08/2017 engine replacement for,,,, …
Version 1.10 21/08/2017 UI fix, engine replacement for,,,, …
Version 1.11 25/08/2017 engine replacement for,,,, …
Version 1.12 28/08/2017 UI fix, mp4 preference, support for split dash video, best approximation iso exact requested resolution
Version 1.13 29/08/2017 engine replacement
Version 1.14 30/08/2017 fix for, support for native crypto
Version 1.15 02/09/2017 added “worst” option for video and audio
Version 1.15.1 02/09/2017 engine replacement, support for
Version 1.15.2 11/09/2017 fix for hls download via ffmpeg
Version 1.15.3 29/09/2017 fix for,,, …
Version 1.16 11/11/2017 added option to prefer mp4/m4a demuxed video/audio, new ffmpeg engine
Version 1.17 19/05/2018 fix for medialaan (,…)
Version 1.17.1 22/07/2018 fix for,, …
Version 1.17.2 30/12/2018 fix for (een, canvas, ketnet, …)
Version 1.18 30/12/2018 added option “native” to prefer native youtube-dl download over ffmpeg download
Version 1.18.1 23/03/2019 fix for
Version 1.18.2 27/04/2019 fix for
Version 1.18.3 04/01/2020 fix for a.o.

Download and Installation

Download and unpack
Install TVDownloader_vx.x


Start TVDownloader. This will open a dialog box.
Open your Internet browser and search for the webpage containing the video/audio you want to download (VRT, VTM, Vier, Youtube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, Twitch, Veoh, BBC, +900 more sites supported).

Copy your video URL to the “Video Source URL” field in TVDownloader.
Click the “Select Folder” button to specify the “Output Folder” where you want to download your video/audio.

Specify a login/E-mail and password if required (VRT, VTM, …). This userid/password will not be stored locally or remotely.

Change the Video Resolution option: Best, 1080p, 720p, 540p, 480p, 360p, Worst. Some video resolutions may not be available.

Check/Uncheck option to prefer mp4/m4a demuxed video/audio. Warning: merging mp4+m4a can take extra time.

Check/Uncheck option ‘Native’ to select either native youtube-dl download or ffmpeg download.

Check/Uncheck option to Download Subtitles (SRT) if available.
Check/Uncheck option to Write Metadata into Video/Audio file.
To download the video, click the “Download Video” button.

The video will be downloaded into the specified folder.

To extract and convert the audio from the video, click the “Save MP3” button. The audio of the video will be extracted and converted into an mp3 file in the specified folder (VBR average 190kbit/s).

Remark: If you only need the audio part, you don’t have to click the “Download Video” button.

Remark: If nothing else works, select “Worst” format and uncheck all other options (incl. “Native”).


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