Cell Phone Plans That Make You Go Hmmm
Cell phone plans across the globe vary a great deal. Some say that cell phone plans in the US are more costly. However, there are some advantages to the cell phone plans in the US which may balance the difference.
By: Christine Peppler

Cell Phone Insurance – Look Before You Buy
With the risk of losing or having your cell phone stolen, have you ever wondered if cell phone insurance is a good idea. Possibly it is in some instances, but evaluating what it really offers may be eye opening.
By: Christine Peppler

Cell Phone Data Service Plans
Purchasing a web enabled cell phone is only one step in the process of getting the efficiency smartphones can provide busy, time limited people. We will tip you off on some important things to consider when choosing a data plan.
By: Christine Peppler

Stop Unwanted Calls and Messages to Cell Phone
Have you ever received unwanted calls on your cell phone? There is an annoyance and an expense to unsolicited marketing calls and text messages. How can you take control? We have a few tips to help.
By: Christine Peppler

Cell Phone Plans – When Minutes Count
Understanding how cell phone minutes are billed can save users a great deal of expense on their monthly bill. We will explain the terminology that is common in cell phone plans.
By: Christine Peppler

Committing to a Cell Phone Plan – the Critical First Days
Ever purchase a product or service and been severely disappointed? This is particularly distasteful with something like a cell phone plan that last 2 years. We will alert you to the best method available to thwart getting stuck with a bad plan.
By: Christine Peppler

Cell Phones and Land Lines – Get the Best of Both Worlds
Your landline gives you excellent call quality. Your cell phone offers you great savings on long distance. Don’t you wish you could have the advantage of receiving your cellular calls on your landline? You can, and we will tell you how.
By: Christine Peppler

Cell Phones – Tips for Better Pictures
More people are becoming dependent upon their cell phone for capturing images. We will tell you what to look for when picking out a camera phone and how to take better photographs with these handy devices.
By: Christine Peppler

How to Shop for Cell Phone Plans – Text Messaging Costs
Although very popular, text messaging has often resulted in exorbitant bills. Recently, cellular providers have begun providing an option that may be more cost effective: unlimited texting plans. Learn what to look for in such plans.
By: Christine Peppler

Cell Phone in Every Pocket
This article describes the importance of cell phones in our everyday lives and the etiquettes one should follow in different occasions.
By: Roberto Sedycias

Prepaid Standard Cell Phone Services
This article explains the differences between the prepaid and standard cell phone services, providing information about the advantages of each service and which one is best to suit someone’s lifestyle.
By: Roberto Sedycias

GPS Cell Phone
This article explains the GPS cell phone tracking service, as an important aid in locating cell phone users in emergency situations. Also it talks about user’s privacy issues and how the law is dealing with it.
By: Roberto Sedycias

IMS SIP: The Right Solution for Widespread Next Generation Networks
A description of the key elements comprising IMS SIP technology, including its architecture, network components and signaling protocols.
By: Adi Paz

Digital City (Part 2 of 2)

Digital cities are no longer just a dream. They are possible and PPP will see them become a reality for the benefit of all citizens of this nation. How long it will take, depends on the vigour and determination of both government and private organisations.

By: Theo Boshoff

Digital City (Part 1 of 2)

The idea of a fully ‘connected’ and integrated digital city, with a plethora of online services for its citizens, sounds ultra-futuristic and like a pipe dream. The local telecoms and IT industry has its own views.

By: Theo Boshoff

Broadband Bullfight Heats Up

You’ve probably already heard that VoIP could cut a substantial chunk off your company’s monthly telecoms bill, and that there is more than one provider that offers the service. Both these facts are true. It so easy for you to implement VoIP that you’ll barely realise it’s happened until your vastly reduced phone bill arrives.

By: Bronwen Roberts

Competition is Essential

Broadband penetration in households varies globally, with Korea being the world leader with a penetration of 68%, the USA having 28%, and the UK 16%. SA shamefully has a broadband household penetration of 0.3%. The question posed here is why South Africa is so far behind…

By: Bronwen Roberts

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