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tvManager Ciao nuova versione del Plugin Note di versione Update to 1.3 v. Fix Skin Fix Menu- getCl*** (link 1 to 6) From tvPanel or tvManager Download DOWNLOAD

[Plugin] tvManager (softcam manager) Version 1.2 Changelog – fix try timer x cvs (test) – add menu get c*ine – new skin fhd hd – minor fix HOME — Button Blu update softcam.key — Button Menu : insertion Cli*e in Oscam – CCam – Ncam…

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TvPanel v. 1.1.0 Versione 1.1.0 Changelog: – fix try timer x DreamOS cvs (test) – fix setting Milenka61,Manutek, Morpheus883 – added Mmark Picons (test) – new skin fhd hd – fix Multilist – skip to tvManager if exist – major fix DOWNLOAD:  

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