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    July 20, 2020
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SkyVPN, a leading virtual private network provider, today announced the availability of its new servers, which are specially established for online gaming. The latest version of SkyVPN application comes to provide improved security and the latest features. The expansion of servers is designed to support radically scale up demands for multiplayer games like PUBG.

Due to proved technical advantages, SkyVPN’s new gaming servers guarantee fast and stable online experiences with secure and encrypted connections. The exclusive gaming servers integrate the capability to bypass geo-restrictions, which allow players to transcend digital borders and gain access to all the games when they live in or plan to visit a country where some games are are blocked or not available.

The brand-new version of SkyVPN also provides exclusively customized choices For players of PUBG, the hugely popular multiplayer game. PUBG lovers can now use SkyVPN’s PUBG server to reduce latency and lag, increase speeds, and easily promote gaming experiences.

For battle royale shooter games like PUBG, having a stable internet connection is the essential condition to win the battle. SkyVPN’s PUBG server designed around gaming latency requirements, which is a fundamental necessity of many multiplayer games for providing the best multiplayer experience.

SkyVPN’s worldwide servers will mask users’ locations, which means that users can connect to PUBG through a server in a different location to play in another region, team up with players from other countries and possess special skins and bonuses of specific areas.

Also, it is crucial to notice that all kinds of online games are very risky of hacking. The unprotected connections leave personal data vulnerable, especially when in-game purchases are involved. SkyVPN’s gaming server and PUBG server help users hide IP address and provide players with online protection against cyber attacks like DDoS or Dos. Using a VPN to connect to PUBG help encrypt user information and prevent data breaches.

“Users’ demands towards VPN services are our top priority when it comes to product iteration and reversion,” stated product manager of SkyVPN. “We are committed to providing solutions to every situation in life that our VPN services may apply to. After installing SkyVPN’s latest version, game lovers can play your favorite multiplayer games with fewer limits on performance and stability.”

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