Siri is an App that can make calls and send text messages for you when you are driving or have your hands full-It can also announce any new messages on your device. It can give necessary suggestions, like texting someone that you will be late for a meeting. Siri can help you set alarms, reminders, and even give directions to a destination.

Apple Music and Siri do work together, which means that you ask Siri to find a song for you and put it on a particular playlist.

It can even suggest your favorite songs for you at the gym; all you have to do is just to tap to play. Nowadays, you can control your appliances and do many things at once with just your voice.

Using the home App, you can create a scene and name it ‘I am home,’ which will automatically open the garage, the front door, and switch on the house lights. Siri can be operated by one or more persons, but it has to be properly configured for it to be operated by many people.

How do you set up Siri to respond to more than one user?

Setting Up Your HomePod for Multiple Users

It’s quite an interesting experience for more than one person to talk to your HomePod (Siri) and get recognized. It will play their choice of music and obey every command placed by them on it. The HomePod can accept up to six people to talk to it and get recognized.

You don’t have to get every member of your family their own HomePod. Instead, you can simply add them to a single HomePod by activating the multiple user features on it.

Requirement for Configuration

All the people you want to add or your family members should have iPhone running on iOS 13.2 or iPad running on iPadOS 13.2, or you just have to make sure their devices are running on the latest version of iOS.

Well, to be sure your iPhones or iPads are on the right iOS, just go to settings, then click on General, and after that, click on Software Update. If you have the latest version, it will tell you, but if not, you’ll need to download and install it.

You also have to make sure the HomePod (Siri) is also on the latest version of iOS. From the Home App on your iPad or iPhone, click on the House Symbol at the top left corner and then scroll down to click on Software Update.

When you update the software in the Home app on your device, it will automatically update your HomePod or all the HomePods you have on your network.

The Configuration

All the people or your family members that you want to be recognized by your HomePod should be a member of your home network on your Home App. If they are not, then you have to do the following:

  • Open the Home app on your device and click on the House symbol.
  • Under the house symbol, click on the people section.
  • And then click on ‘invite.’ This will enable you to send an invitation to them.
  • After that, turn on “Listen for ‘Hey, Siri’” on your HomePod’s section in the Home App.
  • Then turn on “Listen for ‘Hey, Siri’” on your iPhone or iPad as well.
  • After that, turn on Personal Request on each member’s Home App and make sure ‘Find My’ is turned on.
  • Also ‘Location Services’
  • And finally, make sure your HomePod and iOS device are set to the same language.

After all these configurations have been set up, everybody that you have sent an invitation to will get a notification within their Home App, telling them that their voice is now being recognized by the HomePod.

What if someone does not get this notification? You just have to open that person’s Home App and do the following.

  • On the person’s Home App, click on the House symbol.
  • And then click on the person’s name under the ‘People’ section. If everything has been done correctly, you will see a ‘Siri’ section with a ‘Recognize My Voice’ setting. Just make sure this setting is on.

The HomePod may have difficulty in differentiating the voices of two or more young children. However, the HomePod will always ask ‘who are you’ if it can’t recognize your voice. You just have to reply by saying, ‘Hey, Siri, this is … (mention your name).

Final Verdict

Your family members will be thrilled to find out they have access to your HomePod (Siri). They can fill your home with their favorite types of music with just a voice command.

It will also provide learning opportunities for your children as they will be able to ask ‘Siri’ different questions and get quick and accurate answers. As always, we recommend monitoring their activities to make sure that they don’t abuse the use of your HomePod.

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