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    Vladimir Davidenko
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    November 12, 2019
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Anyone who has ever worked with files stored on a remote server while using the FTP or SFTP protocol knows just how cumbersome the process is with an everyday FTP client. Even uploading or downloading a single file can be a chore when you have to manually log in through the client program and then search for the file you need before waiting for each download or upload to complete individually. These basic, freeware FTP clients might be all right for the very occasional job, but they quickly become woefully inefficient at scale. If you need to keep check on updates throughout the day, using a conventional client makes the job a practical impossibility.

Automate your workflow

The sage advice for modern business is that, if something can be automated, then it should be. Many technical processes, regardless of whether they’re simple or complicated, can be automated using modern software solutions. Now, with FTPGetter Professional, FTP and SFTP transfers are among those tasks which can be automated. At the same time, it provides centralized control over your jobs so that admins are always kept informed and have the power to change the settings whenever they need to. Setting up a task is a quick and simple wizard-driven process, though advanced users can also create scripts to enjoy even more power over the process. Once the program has been configured, it will do its job in the background without requiring any further interaction.

Shell scripting for power users

One of the most common misconceptions about automation is that it doesn’t apply to complex tasks. With today’s powerful scripting solutions, that’s not usually the case anymore. FTPGetter Professional has a built-in shell scripting tool which admins can use to script the rules for complex tasks. All it takes is writing a few lines of simple code, and then the program never needs any further interaction unless you want to change the processes. For example, you can write a script to consolidate all files on a remote server in a single compressed archive, and then download that. Not only does it save time – but also bandwidth!

FTPGetter Professional also supports file masks and batch processing to provide more customization options over scheduled tasks. For example, you can have the program only regard files of certain types by specifying their file extensions. If you only need to keep Office documents up to date, and not all files in a particular folder or server, this will save a lot of time and bandwidth. With batch processing, you can flexibly adjust the list of files you want to transfer.

The scheduling component itself is also highly flexible. You can set it to check for new file creations on the local or remote server every hour or every day, for example, before making sure that both are kept up to date as necessary. You can also set your own customized schedules, such as every second Tuesday. In conclusion, FTPGetter Professional is designed to work for the specific needs of your organization. Check it out today at ftpgetter.com.

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