I’m not going to lie, I love Chromebooks. I honestly prefer them to laptops. A super-powerful laptop is fun, yes, but I have a desktop to play all my games and do crazy things with. I don’t need a laptop that does everything too! In that respect, Chromebooks are really good at doing basic productivity tasks, do them well, and have a great battery life to boot. And of the available Chromebooks, the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is the best of the best.

The Samsung Chromebook is our premium student Chromebook pick for a reason–it’s just that good! This is a Chromebook on the high-end of the spectrum, with 8GB of RAM, Intel i5 processor, and Super AMOLED display. The device also comes with an S Pen, so you can take notes, draw, or whatever else you’d like to without any issues. Essentially, the Galaxy Chromebook will do everything you need productivity-wise, and when you’re ready to relax and do something else, Samsung’s high-end Chromebook can do that too.

The only real downfall of the Galaxy Chromebook is the price. It usually has an MSRP of $1,000, which is a big ask for a Chromebook. Generally, Chromebooks are meant to be a cheaper option, and you can find even higher-end laptops that are cheaper. But, at the Samsung Store, you can instantly save $200 on either the Fiesta Red or Mercury Gray colors! Better yet, if you have an eligible trade-in, you can save even more. Unfortunately, that trade-in offer doesn’t include other Chromebooks (also known as the items you’d most likely trade-in for another Chromebook), but if you have an old smartphone or tablet to unload, you can still save.

    Galaxy Chromebook
    The Galaxy Chromebook is our premium student Chromebook pick, and for good reason–it’s an awesome, powerful productivity device! Save $200 on either color model now, and possibly save even more with trade-in.

Looking for more tablet and Chromebook deals? Check out the Samsung Store’s landing page and see if another item suits your needs better!


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