It won’t be much longer before Samsung launches the Galaxy Watch 4, according to a new report. The wearable, which has been at the center of rumors over the past few weeks, could be available as early as spring, which is just around the corner.

According to UniverseIce, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch Active 4 will be available in Q2 2021. No exact date is shared, but previous reports have suggested a similar timeframe, so we’re inclined to believe the devices are launching soon. (It’s already March!)

UniverseIce doesn’t share any other information, but the Twitter account previously said Samsung will launch a new smartwatch with Wear OS instead of Tizen. If true, it could be a big boost for Google’s wearable platform, which hasn’t exactly thrived over the last several months. Launching a new smartwatch with Wear OS could be a huge vote of confidence for the platform, and maybe help push it toward competing with Apple’s watchOS.

We’ve heard a few other rumors about Samsung’s next smartwatch, including that it might come equipped with a blood glucose monitor. According to a previous report, the wearable could use an optical sensor that’s capable of monitoring a person’s blood glucose without drawing blood, which is often how a person’s blood sugar is tracked. For people with diabetes, this could be a huge improvement over the painful alternatives currently available. Incidentally, the next Apple Watch may also launch with a similar feature.

It wasn’t that long ago when Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 3, which featured support for ECG, blood pressure monitoring, and a host of activity tracking capabilities. The launch of the Galaxy Watch 4 would be a lot sooner than anticipated, but if it does come with the ability to monitor a person’s blood glucose levels, we can see why Samsung would want to launch it sooner rather than later.

Featured image: Galaxy Watch 3

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