Google and Samsung have confirmed that the promised tighter integration between Google Nest and Samsung Smartthings has been launched, following its announcement at the end of last year. Although quietly announced alongside yesterday’s Samsung Unpacked launch, reports on Reddit suggest it actually went live at the start of the week, offering control for Nest cameras, thermostats and doorbells inside the Smartthings app, for the first time.

Even now, it’s not a complete integration. Nest Secure security systems and Nest Protect smoke alarms are excluded, as they use a different API, and most disappointingly, Google’s smart speakers are also missing from the list, although Google Nest Hub Max’s camera can be added to your Smartthings CCTV system.

It’s not all one-sided, with Google Assistant control being added to a range of Samsung appliances, offering a more complete experience. This is on top of the arrival of Google Assistant on Samsung TVs and the launch of Smartthings integration with Auto.

As ever, devices, especially third-party devices are only as good as the developer implementation of the API, so it may be a while (if ever) before you start to see some of the outlying products appearing in the Google Home app. If you’re a developer involved in smart home products, you can find out more about what’s possible and how to implement it right here.

Google said in a statement: “We’re also working with Samsung to make it easier to manage smart home products from your device. You can control Nest devices, like Nest thermostats, cameras and doorbells, from the SmartThings app on Galaxy smartphones and tablets. See all your connected devices on one screen by tapping on “Devices” in the Quick Panel of the Galaxy S21.”

2021 looks to be a pivotal year for smart homes, and this is just the beginning. Google and Samsung are working to deepen integration between their products, including a simpler ongoing process. Later this year, we’re expecting to hear details of a much-needed common standard for smart home devices, launched by a consortium including Amazon, Google, Apple and the members of the Zigbee Alliance (of which Samsung is one) under the umbrella of “Project Connected Home Over IP”. When that launches, we can expect to see the smart home revolution accelerate at an even faster rate.

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