Samsung Display has announced that it will mass-produce the world’s first 90Hz OLED displays destined for laptops. That’s an upgrade over current OLED panels found on high-end laptops, which offer a 60Hz refresh rate.

According to a press release, Samsung Display will initially produce 14-inch, 90Hz OLED displays beginning in March. While exact specs haven’t been revealed, these displays are expected to be available in laptops and notebooks released by “several global IT companies.” “OLED display panels can best satisfy the diverse consumer needs for laptops used in telework, online education, video streaming, and gaming,” Samsung Display said.

The company is claiming its 90Hz OLED screens will offer high-speed driving performance that’s on par with that of 120Hz LCD. “Samsung Display tested blur length using the same motion picture of a fast driving car and found that the image drag of 90Hz OLED and 120Hz high refresh rate LCD screens is 0.9mm and 1mm, respectively,” the company said. “In short, 90Hz OLED screens smear amazingly little, at practically the same rate as a 120Hz LCD.”

Samsung Display didn’t say which OEM partners are expected to adopt these new 90Hz OLED displays, but it could be the beginning of a new era of quality. OLED displays are relatively rare in everyday laptops, though you can find them in some gaming options. The introduction of a 90Hz refresh rate could improve the gaming experience on laptops, but also make the everyday experience feel much smoother.

One possibility is Apple adopting Samsung Display’s new screens. The Cupertino-company is rumored to be launching a 14-inch MacBook Pro this spring, right around the time Samsung Display will begin mass production. That’s just speculation, but it’s certainly a possibility. Either way, it’s an exciting development on the laptop front. We’ve seen mobile displays quickly adopt higher refresh rates, so it’s about time we see the same in other portable devices.

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