The S Pen has been a part of Samsung’s mobile portfolio for years, and it’s gaining support for a new device in the Galaxy S21 Ultra. Turns out, that won’t be the only new handset to feature S Pen support, as Samsung has more planned for the accessory.

In a statement to SamMobile, a company spokesperson confirmed it plans to expand the S Pen experience across additional device categories in the future.

“We are committed to innovating new mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and continuously to make our consumers’ lives easier and better. We’ve made the bold decision to expand the S Pen experience to Galaxy S21 Ultra, and plan to expand the S Pen experience across additional device categories in the future. We remain committed to providing the best mobile experience to our consumers and will continue to actively listen and consider consumer feedback in our product innovations.”

Of course, Samsung doesn’t clarify which devices will support the accessory, just that something is in the works. There have been reports that Samsung is planning to bring S Pen support to the Galaxy Z Fold series, so that’s one possibility. With the Z Fold acting as a kind of smartphone-tablet hybrid, adding support for the stylus makes a lot of sense.

While Samsung is planning to bring the S Pen to more device categories, we’re left wondering what the future holds for the Galaxy Note series. There have been conflicting reports about the device’s long-term future, and with the stylus expected to come to more devices, its place in Samsung’s lineup could be in question.

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If you plan on picking up the Galaxy S21 Ultra because of its S Pen support, know that the accessory doesn’t come with the phone. You’ll need to purchase it from Samsung for $40. If you have an old S Pen lying around, that will work with the Galaxy S21 Ultra, too.

Samsung also confirmed plans to release an S Pen Pro later this year, so perhaps we’ll see wider device support when the accessory officially launches, including on the next Galaxy Z Fold.

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