PrimeStreams IPTV Operators Being Sued for Millions in Piracy Lawsuit

The operators of the PrimeStreams IPTV service are being sued for millions of dollars in a piracy lawsuit.

PrimeStreams IPTV was arguably one of the most popular IPTV services for several years that containing thousands of live channels, PPV, and VOD offerings.

PrimeStreams IPTV sued

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PrimeStreams IPTV Operators Sued

As reported by TorrentFreak, DISH Network and Sling TV filed a lawsuit in Kentucky court this month accusing PrimeStreams IPTV of copyright infringement via their “rebroadcasting” operation.

dish network

According to the official complaint, the alleged operators of PrimeStreams IPTV are Daniel Scroggins and Steven Daugherty.


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Both Scroggins and Daugherty are reported to be the co-owners of PrimeStreams and they used an “Investments” LLC to process payments related to the illegal IPTV operation.

The complaint states the following on PrimeStreams IPTV:

“PrimeStreams was advertised as a subscription-based streaming service providing over 3,000 channels, movies on demand, pay-per-view events, and sports programming, among other content, all for a low monthly fee.

The Programming retransmitted on the PrimeStreams service was received from Plaintiffs’ internet communications. Identifiers unique to Plaintiffs’ internet communications were detected when viewing the Programming on the PrimeStreams service.”


The complaint then goes on to mention that PrimeStreams was using various domains to sell the illegal IPTV service.

This included,,, and likely others.

However, what’s interesting is after doing further research on this service we found a few websites claiming to be the official PrimeStreams IPTV service.

However, what's interesting is after doing further research on this service we found a few websites claiming to be the official PrimeStreams IPTV service.

The operators of PrimeStreams IPTV also used “resellers” to sell more subscriptions to this IPTV operation under different brands.

Some of these “reseller” brand names include Bing TV, Better Than Cable TV, and Firesticksteve (FSS).


Operators Dismissed Warnings

The official court complaint states that around September 24, 2021, the defendants (PrimeStreams operators) were notified that their IPTV operation violates federal laws and was told to cease and desist.

It appears this warning was either rejected or ignored by the operators, which led to this massive lawsuit.

While no exact figure is mentioned, we can safely assume that DISH Network is pursuing millions of dollars in copyright damages from the PrimeStreams IPTV operators.

Only a few months ago, we saw DISH Network file a lawsuit against Set TV and asked the court to sign off an award of more than $500 million dollars for a lower level of infringement.

You can view official court documentation below:

DISH Network & PrimeStreams IPTV Court Documentation (PDF)

What do you think of the PrimeStreams IPTV operators being sued for millions of dollars in damages?

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