A decade ago perhaps the options weren`t very many, but as time went by and with the advancement of high technology, cell phones became increasingly available for just about everyone, and most of us questioned which will be the best suitable service option when choosing a cell phone. Today there are two basic options: the prepaid cell phone service, which allows you to control more closely how much you can or want to spend in a particular month, and the standard cell phone service, which usually charges you a monthly bill. Both services seem to offer very good deals depending upon each person needs.

The prepaid service is meant primarily for users who want to keep a closer control of the amount of expenses in phone calls. After the phone credits are gone, one has the option to buy some more or not, keeping his expenses within a limit. This kind of service became very popular and it seems to keep growing every day worldwide. In developing countries, where cell phone tariff is expensive, prepaid services made possible to just about everyone to make use of cell phones.

Another advantage of this service is the fact that in case of a phone loss, one doesn`t have to worry much about phone calls made by third parties, because the cell phone has usually a small amount of credits inserted in. Once the stolen-lost cell phone is reported to the service provider, the phone chip will be canceled and no more hassle to worry about, except for the loss of the handset.

The standard cell phone service seems to be meant for the more active users who regularly dial phone calls or don`t care to go through the hassle of buying cell phone credits often. Although this service usually has a less expensive tariff than the prepaid service, users tend to make more use of it and because of that they end up spending more money with phone services.

One does really have to consider the options available and find out which is the most suitable for his personal use. The option for prepaid service seems to be more adequate for the less amount of usage the average people usually do. Those who prefer the prepaid service, do so because it is more attractive to their needs and they don`t have to worry about paying more for an extra service that it is not going to be used anyway.

For those who can`t afford a more expensive model or simply don`t want to spend any extra money for a cell phone, the prepaid service then becomes the ideal choice. However for those who need to keep updated this latest high-tech cell phone features and making phone calls is part of his personal or professional life, then the standard monthly paid service will seem more appropriate.

So whenever picking a cell phone service plan, make sure it fits your lifestyle. After all it`s you who will be paying the phone bill.

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