Google is rolling out a new Sunrise Alarms feature to Nest Hub smart displays, along with Family Sticky Notes. The features were originally detailed as part of a major UI refresh for Google Assistant-equipped smart displays that was announced last year.

When creating a new alarm on the Nest Hub, there’s a special sunrise setting that, when enabled, will attempt to mimic a sunrise. If you’re unfamiliar a sunrise alarm, they use a light to slowly brighten your room to wake you up without a jarring alarm tone. The Nest Hub can now do this without needing a dedicating sunrise alarm device.

There appears to be different levels you can use with sunrise alarm, including light and medium, each with their own tone. The update also includes a new alarm UI on the Nest Hub that provides users with better control over alarm tones, days an alarm repeats, snooze duration, and more.

Meanwhile, Google has finally added a sticky notes feature to Nest Hub, which allows users to add notes to a smart display’s screen for other members of the family to see. You can add a sticky note either through your voice or manually by pressing the yellow notes card. The Family tab also features access to Family Bells, Life360 tracking, and activities for kids.

Finally, the update also includes the ability to add the Google weather frog as an ambient background. “Experience the weather with a lovable frog,” the new card says. You can set the Google weather frog as your background of choice by going to Settings > Photo frame. The background will change depending on what the weather is like and time of day, so it isn’t just static.

According to Android Police, Google’s update to smart displays should be available now. If not, it will likely be available in the coming days, so keep your eyes peeled.

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