Delete your personal data today!

  • Limit public access to your private information
  • Mitigate the risks of identity theft
  • Keep your data from being sold
  • Saves time with automation
  • It would take the average person 304 hours to manually complete all the individual data removal requests needed to secure their privacy. Incogni does this all for you automatically.
  • Gives you control of your data privacy
  • Data brokers exploit your personal information for profit, often without your informed consent. Opting out is possible but difficult by design. We make it easy so you can regain control over your personal data.
  • Covers all broker types
  • Incogni doesn’t only remove your data from certain kinds of data brokers. Risk mitigation, recruitment, people search sites, financial information, and marketing data brokers – Incogni removes your personal information from them all.

Surfshark Incogni is a privacy-focused feature developed by Surfshark VPN. It is designed to enhance your online privacy and security by blocking trackers, ads, and malicious websites. It works by creating a separate browser window that functions independently from your regular browser.

When you use Surfshark Incogni, your online activity is isolated and cannot be tracked by websites, advertisers, or other third parties. It prevents these entities from using cookies or other tracking methods to gather information about your online behavior.

More of above others key features and how Surfshark Incogni works:

1. Tracker Blocker: Incogni blocks tracking scripts, cookies, and other tracking technologies that websites use to collect data about your browsing habits. This helps protect your privacy and prevent personalized ads.

2. Ad Blocker: Incogni blocks unwanted ads, banners, and pop-ups, providing a cleaner browsing experience. This also reduces the risk of clicking on malicious ads.

3. Camouflage Mode: Incogni masks your browser fingerprint, making it harder for websites to identify and track you based on your unique browser characteristics.

4. Hide IP Address: Your real IP address is masked, making it difficult for anyone to track your online activity back to your location.

5. Whitelister: Surfshark Incogni allows you to whitelist specific websites that you trust, thereby allowing them to function normally without any privacy or ad-blocking restrictions.

Overall, Surfshark Incogni is a privacy-enhancing tool that helps you maintain your online anonymity, block unwanted ads, and protect yourself from trackers.


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