How To Speed Up Your Amazon Fire TV Stick tutorial

The latest 4k Amazon TV Stick is so fast that you won’t have to deal with any lags at first. But when you install a few apps, that speed gets worse. This slowdown usually happens when you install apps that stay running in the background. One of the other main reasons why you may suffer from speed issues is low memory. Temporary files that accumulate can also be a problem for a smooth running stick. What can you do in this case? We have a trick to clean up Firestick with just one click and it is called the DB TV Assistant app.

What is DB TV Assistant (DangBei Assistant)

DangBei Assistant (DB TV Assistant) is a professional TV management software. It cleans up your Firestick and makes it faster and smoother. This app is quite similar to the Clean Master app, but it definitely works better for Firestick. Read on below to find out more!

Speed Up Amazon Fire TV Stick Step-by-Step Tutorial

Let’s check the internal space of Firestick and compare it to the final results after using the DB TV Assistant app to speed up Amazon Fire TV Stick. 1. Turn on your Firestick. 2. Using your remote, go and click on Settings on the main toolbar. 3. Move forward until you find Applications and tap on it.

Firestick Applications on Settings

4. Go ahead and search for Manage Installed Applications (at the end of the listed options).

Firestick Manage Installed Applications

5. At the right of the screen, you will find details about your Firestick’s internal space. In this case, the Firestick has only 1.88 GB free from 5.34 GB available.

Manage Installed Applications - internal space

It’s about time to install this Cleaner app to help us cleaning and speeding up our Amazon Fire TV Stick. 

Install the DB TV Assistant on Fire TV Stick

1. Check the guide on how to install FileLinked on your Firestick and install it right away if you have not already.

2. Launch FileLinked and enter the WebSafetyTips store code – 11111111 (eight ones).

continue on WST store

3. Scroll down through different categories and under the Utilities category you will find the DB TV Assistant file. Click on it!

DB TV Assistant via wst store

4. Go to Install.

Install DB TV Assistant via wst store

5. Click on Open to open DB Assistant app immediately.

Open DB TV Assistant

6. The DB TV Assistant app is quite simple to use. To show you how to speed up your Fire TV Stick, we will only use the ‘Start’ button located in the middle of the screen. But, feel free to explore the app’s features as well. For now, simply go and click on Start.

Start DB TV Assistant

7. The cleaning process could take up to a few minutes, so be patient!

Speed Up Amazon Fire TV Stick on DB TV Assistant
Speed Up Amazon Fire TV Stick process

8. Let’s repeat the four steps where we checked the internal space of the Firestick.
Go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications > Internal Space

As shown in the photo below, the test was successfully completed. Even though the difference with the first photo isn’t considerable (that’s because we already used the DB TV Assistant app before we started the tutorial, so we could be sure that it really works.)

Speed Up Amazon Fire TV Stick - internal space

Note: You can free up more space depending on how much your Firestick needs it.
So, give the DB TV Assistant a chance and speed up your Fire TV Stick with just one button.

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