Google is infamous for killing off apps and services, and it appears the search giant has found its next victim. According to newly discovered strings of code, Google may be preparing to sunset its Shopping mobile app.

XDA’s Editor-in-Chief Mishaal Rahman discovered code in version 59 of the Shopping app that suggests its days are numbered. We shared the news on Twitter earlier today and are spreading it here so everyone is informed.

Here’s the code in question:

<string name=”sunset_default_primary_button_text”>Shop on the web</string>

<string name=”sunset_default_subtitle”>The app is unavailable right now, but you can continue shopping on</string>

<string name=”sunset_default_title”>Something went wrong</string>

For now, the screen shown off in the Tweet below doesn’t show up for users on the latest version of the Google Shopping app. However, once Google makes the news official, it will likely start showing up whenever users launch the app. It’s possible the wording on the page will change. Regardless, it’s clear that the Shopping app is next on the chopping block.

If true, Google’s Shopping app will join a long list of projects the search giant has killed off, which also includes Google Reader, Hangouts, Expeditions, and many, many more. There’s an entire website called KilledByGoogle that highlights all of the things Google has killed over the years, which totals over 200 projects, but probably way more we don’t even know about.

If you’ve never used the Google Shopping app, it allows youto quickly shop across thousands of stores and purchase stuff using your Google Account. “When you buy on Google, your order is backed by a Google guarantee — with simple returns and customer support 7 days a week,” the app’s description reads.

With the Shopping app potentially going away, you’ll still be able to partake in retail therapy by heading to, where you can see new features like price insights to help you get the best deal online.

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