When Google revamped News in 2018, it launched with a “Full Coverage” feature that brought together a wide range of perspectives into a single feed. The idea was to provide readers with a well-rounded understanding of big topics. Now, Full Coverage is coming to Search.

“When you’re searching for information on a timely topic, you see a carousel of articles at the top of your Search results highlighting relevant news,” Google said in a blog post. “Now for big, developing news stories, you can tap into a Full Coverage page after scrolling to the end of the top stories carousel or by selecting ‘More news on…’ right below the carousel.”

Google said Full Coverage in Search will use a new technology capable of detecting long-running news stories that span many days, such as the Super Bowl, to many weeks and months, like the COVID-19 pandemic. This will keep readers constantly up-to-date with new stories and information.

“We then organize the Full Coverage page to help people easily find top news along with additional content like explainers and local coverage that are helpful to understanding these complex stories,” Google said.

I know I typically stick to one or two news sources when catching up on current events. Search’s new feature will help broaden my horizon, so I can understand the perspective of more people who are effected by the same issues. You may not always agree with the opinions or coverage of outlets you don’t normally read, but it still might give you an opportunity to learn something. The GIF above does a good job demonstrating how the Full Coverage feature will work in Search.

Google said Full Coverage in Search is available today on mobile devices, beginning with English in the U.S. It will roll out to more languages and locations in the coming months.


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