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Are all TivuStream projects really free?
Yes they are all free and Open Source we like to share ideas and our work without anything in return we ask, for those who like, a small donation to help us in Hosting expenses and the development of new projects or new versions.
Why is the site and the projects without advertising?

Because we know how much it annoys when browsing a site or using an application .. for those who want to give us a love is worth what was said in the previous answer.

The application does not work 601 error

As specified in the application startup message you need to have Wuffy Player installed on your device (ex XMTV Player)
The application automatically calls the player for a correct display of the Channels and lists.
The error 601 is related to the lack of the player on the device.

Why does not the channel open?

When one or more channels do not open in 99% of cases it is simply OFFLINE sometimes temporarily sometimes permanently except alternative link, regardless of either the application (or the Plugin or Kodi addon) or the Player.

Why some channels open only after some attempts?

As written also here:

Alcuni suggerimenti per l’applicazione Android ( Smartphone / Android box / Ricevitori Android )

some channels need more ‘attempts before viewing, these channels do not use a single direct stream link but function as a kind of “embed”
Wuffy Player allows this type of connection and visualization by connecting directly to the residence page of the player that plays the original live channel.
Often, however, residence sites reproduce publicity footage before the live link, so the Application Player (specifically Wuffy Player) needs some time to play live after the movie ends.
This is why it is necessary to start the channel even 4/5 times before the live view.

When do the Channels update?

The updating of the Channels or the insertion of new ones depends principally on the availability on the net or on the “hunting” of our Team and it is valid either for the new Links or for possible substitutions of those gone OFFLINE.
The TivuStream Team checks the lists daily, trying to keep the streams up-to-date when there are relevant news they are mentioned here:

Aggiornamento Canali-Channels Update

For any other specific questions we refer to the TivuStream forum here:

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