Smartening up your house can cost a lot… unless you’re keeping an eye on deals (or looking at our smart home gifts under $100), of course! Sales on smart items are pretty common if you know where to look. A few retailers, like Amazon and Best Buy, tend to have regular discounts on the smart home items you probably need the most. Today, Best Buy has an incredible deal for those looking to expand their smart home–a Lenovo Smart Clock bundle for just $30!

Normally $95, you’ll get the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and a 4-pack of GE Soft White Smart Bulbs. Anyone who has looked at the prices of smart bulbs in the past knows that they’re expensive, and the GE bulbs usually retail at $45 alone. You can buy them separately on sale for $20 right now as well, but for just $10 more you also get the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential!

Arguably the star of the Lenovo Smart Clock bundle, the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential is probably my favorite smart clock yet. It’s very simple, as it’s mostly just… a clock, with nice big display that’ll let you easily see the time from anywhere in the room. However, you can also use the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential to control other smart devices around the house. Like, you know, the smart bulbs you get with the bundle!

The Lenovo Smart Clock Essential does not have a screen like other smart clocks, but if you already have something like the standard Lenovo Smart Clock, you may not need it! The Essential is perfect for rooms where you just need a clock and a speaker, not all the features of a smart clock with a screen. Honestly, I think it’s a perfect blend of simplicity and functionality.

The only catch of this awesome Lenovo Smart Clock bundle? You’ll have to pick it up from your local Best Buy! For just $30, though, I’d say the curbside pick-up is worth it.

    Lenovo Smart Clock Bundle
    For just 430, get the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and a 4-pack of GE Soft White Smart Bulbs! That’s an incredible deal on two very useful smart home items.

If the Lenovo Smart Clock bundle is not available in your area, don’t fret, as you can still buy the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential and GE Smart Bulbs separately online for delivery. It won’t be at the same low price, but a bit of a discount is always better than no discount at all!

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