Our mobile can alert us to everything that happens on the device. In the past, only a small notification LED gave us some information, but now, the notification bar can be completely filled with icons, each reporting a different aspect of what happens on our mobile. Sometimes it can be very difficult to know what each of them means, as it happens in Huawei mobiles with EMUI 10.

It has happened to all of us that overnight, a new icon appears in the notification area without being able to identify its meaning . Each one has a specific function and on occasions it will alert us to a stop as normal as the low battery, or to aspects that have been integrated more recently, such as that fast charging is working or that Digital Balance is activated. In short, there are dozens of different icons, which we will have to know how to identify, since they often offer very important information.

EMUI 10: What All the Icons in the Status Bar Mean

Meaning of all icons

In EMUI 10, Huawei has integrated almost 50 different icons , which refer to all the technical aspects of the device such as signal strength or what network we are connected to or the remaining battery of the connected Bluetooth device. The network status icons may vary depending on the user’s region or network service operator. In addition, we show you all those that may appear with a mobile that has been updated to EMUI 10 or EMUI 10.1. Keep in mind, that the icons also depend on the mobile model that we have in hand. Obviously those related to 5G or fast charging, will never appear on Huawei terminals that do not support this technology.

Can they be hidden?

The status icons have an informative nature that is considered important, at least in those references that depend on the operation of the system. Therefore, and without root permissions, those that can be hidden are those referring to notifications from the applications. To do this we will have to hold down a blank area on the main screen, we access Settings / Application icons with symbols . Then we will only have to deactivate the selectors for all applications or for some particular applications. For example, to hide the icon with a Settings indicator, we will have to deactivate the selector corresponding to Settings and this way its icons or notifications will not appear in the status bar.



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