An auditing firm’s independent evaluation confirmed that Surfshark VPN doesn’t log its users’ activity and operates on the highest privacy standards

Cybersecurity company Surfshark just released its first no-logs assurance report, confirming the company doesn’t log its users’ activity. A Big Four auditing firm Deloitte tested Surfshark’s no-logs policy and reported confidence in the VPN’s implementation. The assurance report is the most recent addition to Surfshark’s transparency initiatives, following a third-party audit of its VPN server infrastructure. 

“Working in an industry that highly relies on trust and transparency, we understand that it takes more than just words to validate our efforts. The positive result from Deloitte’s no-logs assurance report provides factual evidence to our users and future customers that Surfshark operates on the highest privacy and quality standards. We will continue to perform various audits and tests to get independent verification of our security and privacy measures,” says Justas Pukys, VPN Product Owner at Surfshark.

As part of the procedures to create an independent reasonable assurance report, Deloitte reviewed Surfshark server’s configuration and deployment process, checked wherever the company’s privacy policy matched the capacity and actual use of Configuration management system roles relevant to VPN infrastructure, VPN Server configuration, API (VPN infrastructure-related Infra micro-service servers), SDN (Software Defined Network), as well as conducted interviews with responsible employees. 

“Based on the procedures performed and the evidence obtained, in our opinion, the configuration of IT systems and management of the supporting IT operations is properly prepared, in all material respects, in accordance with Surfshark’s description of its no-logs policy,” the report concludes. 

Surfshark is continuously reaching for better security practices in the industry. That is illustrated by Surfshark being one of the first VPN providers to convert all of its server infrastructure to a 100% diskless server network. Running all servers on volatile (RAM) memory means that any information that would usually be on the hard drive is wiped off automatically whenever a server is turned off.

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