Your land line gives you excellent call quality. Your cell phone offers mobility and cost savings on long distance via a cell phone plan with huge pools of anytime minutes, free long distance, and weekend calling. Too bad your best option for economical long distance calling is hindered by a poor cellular signal inside of your home. For many, this is the reality of multiple telephone communication options; each has distinct advantages but none possess all of the qualities that make life simple. Others however, have discovered some options that make integrating their wired and wireless phones a reality.

The first option is in the form of a cordless phone that allows the user to make or receive cellular calls. These phones make the connection with your cell phone either through a dock for the cellular phone or the Bluetooth feature. Users are able to bring their cell phone into the home and receive all incoming calls to that line on their landline phone. In the instance of long distance calls, this gives them the advantage of a reliable signal and the cost savings of their cell phone plan. It also allows the option of conference calling or allowing multiple family members to be on the line at the same time during a call. An additional benefit of using the landline for cellular calls while at home is that it can help to preserve the cell phone battery as it is not used during longer calls taken while at home

With the docking station, the cell phone must be inserted into the dock for the system to function; however, it can be recharged during this time. For phones that use Bluetooth to make the connection, the cell phone must simply be in the nearby vicinity; usually within about 30 feet. In either case, the user can decide whether to make an individual call via cellular or landline by simply selecting the corresponding line.

Several manufacturers offer cordless phones which make the cellular connection. Motorola, RCA, and Panasonic are among some of these makers.

For those who already own a cordless phone there is a second option. There are docking stations that can be purchased to allow their existing cell phone and cordless phone to make this connection. The most popular is the Dock-N-Talk which uses a Bluetooth connection. For those without a Bluetooth enabled phone, an adapter is available to allow the unit to function with such cell phones.

Certainly, cordless phones which can accept your cell phone calls can be a step toward optimizing the advantages of cellular and landline communication options. This simple step in integrating the two can result in a significant cost saving for most families.

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