We’ve already heard a few rumors about Apple’s upcoming MacBook products for 2021. Last week, we heard that the company is working on new MacBook Pro models (14-inch and 16-inch) that could launch this year with newer and more powerful ARM-based in-house chips. It has also been speculated that these might ditch the Touchbar but include a new magnetic ‘MagSafe’ charging port.

A new report from Bloomberg now offers more information regarding Apple’s plans for its future Mac lineup. Firstly, a new MacBook Air model is in the works. Considering the recently launched model is similar to the last-gen Intel variant, Apple is going to launch a redesigned variant with thinner bezels around the 13-inch display, and it will include the previously rumored MagSafe charging port. It is also expected to feature the next-generation of Apple’s M1 chipset, a pair of USB 4 ports, and will be offered as a higher-end version of the current MacBook Air. It is also expected that it could feature a mini-LED panel and a 2022 launch cycle. A 15-inch variant of the MacBook Air could also be on the cards, however, don’t expect that to arrive anytime soon.

As for the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models that are expected to launch later this year, we could see Apple bringing back an old but very useful feature. Bloomberg reports that the upcoming MacBook Pro models will include an SD card slot which is great news for creative professionals who need to handle a lot of photo or video footage. Prior to the 2016 MacBook Pro refresh, Apple did offer an SD card slot which has now slowly phased out and is missing from a majority of laptops today. In line with the previous report, the new report also states that the new MacBooks will be powered by more powerful M1 chipsets and include the MagSafe charging port. The new report also reiterates the fact that Apple will remove the Touch Bar from the MacBook Pro lineup.

Lastly, the report says that Apple has managed to develop the tech to introduce support for cellular connectivity on Mac. Additionally, the company is also ready to introduce Face ID, the company’s facial recognition system, to Mac systems. However, neither of the features will be coming anytime soon. FaceID was set to arrive with this year’s iMac redesign, however, it seems that the plan has been delayed indefinitely.


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