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Another year, another Android release. As you might expect, this year’s release will be called Android 12 since Google ditched its dessert naming scheme for Android 2 years ago. Even if Android 12 won’t officially have a tasty dessert tie-in, that doesn’t mean that Google has entirely given up on giving its OS releases a dessert name. While last year’s Android 11 (Android “R”) release was internally called “Red Velvet Cake”, this year’s Android 12 (Android “S”) release seems to be called “Snow Cone”.

While Google hasn’t officially confirmed its internally-decided dessert theme for Android 12, we learned this little tidbit thanks to a bit of digging. When Google publishes Android 12’s source code later this year, you might notice that a lot of the development branches are prefaced with “sc”. That’s short for Snow Cone, by the way, much like how Android 11’s development branches were prefaced with “rvc” for “Red Velvet Cake.” (What’s that, you say? “sc” could just as easily be shortcake? That’s what we thought too, but checks notes it’s not.)

Last year, Google published a fun AR statue that had a hidden recipe for how to make an Android 11-themed Red Velvet Cake. Perhaps we’ll get some fun tie-ins and Easter eggs based on Android 12’s dessert name later this year?

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