Amazon has updated its Music mobile app with a new feature that will make it easier to access your tunes while driving. Aptly titled “Car Mode,” the feature simplifies Amazon Music’s interface with shortcuts to popular music options, large buttons, and voice assistance with Alexa.

According to Amazon, Car Mode will launch automatically when your device is connected to your car over Bluetooth. Once launched, the experience is divided into two sections: the upper third is dedicated to playback controls and song information, while the bottom displays shortcuts to popular music options. These presets can be customized, so you always have your favorite music at your fingerprints.

There’s also a quick shortcut button to Alexa — or if a hands-free experience is more convenient (and it should be if you’re driving), you can invoke the assistant by saying “Hey Alexa” followed by the artist or song. Amazon said that Music’s Card More also features convenient swipe functionality to skip tracks and return to the presets. If you want to exit Car Mode, just tap the exit Car Mode button.

Amazon Music isn’t the only app to introduce a simplified mode for driving in the car. We’ve also seen Spotify introduce simplified controls for driving, and the streaming service recently started rolling out a “Hey Spotify” wake phrase on Android and iOS. As people start getting back on the road, these simplified interfaces will make interacting your with phone a little less distracting.

Amazon has been working to make its apps less distracting while driving, last year introducing an Auto Mode to its Alexa app. Even if your car doesn’t have Bluetooth, you can launch Amazon Music’s Car Mode manually. Just open the app, go to the menu on the top right corner, and select Car Mode. The new mode in Amazon Music is available now on Android and iOS.

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