Spamming has become one of the social evils affecting people’s lives in every aspect. Every second email user, be it businesses or their customers, receives unwanted emails daily or even hourly. Today a lot of businesses refer to an effective email marketing agency for permission-based email marketing instead of spamming their customers, and not without reason. Here are top 10 reasons not to spam but to send useful emails that can help businesses boost their ROI to the level they have never dreamed of before.

  • Spam doesn’t work. Although spam has been very wide-spread lately, there aren’t any examples of successful spamming models that have brought pots of money to those implementing them. Spam mails can bring tangible profit only to their providers but they don’t work as a means of email marketing. On the other hand, referring to an email marketing agency is likely to get everything right and meet one’s marketing needs.

  • Spam antagonises potential customers. Lots of people become nervous when they receive unwanted emails considered as spam. It’s due to the fact that they get hundreds of emails every day which they have to look through and they don’t want to waste their time and effort on useless information coming into their inbox.

  • Spam is against privacy policies. There’s no doubt that people value their privacy and consider spam violating it. If they are not interested in a product or service, they feel like their privacy is being invaded. With an email marketing agency, the public gets targeted offers and messages based on their profiles and preferences.

  • Spam is illegal. With the development of the world wide web, a wide range of countries have become more conscious about regulations concerning information spread over the Internet. Governments of certain countries have even adopted anti-spam laws and established departments for the reinforcement of these laws.

  • Spam is unethical. Spammers don’t only violate laws and people’s privacy but they also steal their money. Most email users dial in to Internet providers who charge on an hourly or even minute basis. Spammers take hold of valuable Internet resources by sending junk mail but sending it “postage due”.

  • Spam is harmful to one’s reputation. Usually, people don’t want to buy products or services advertised in spam emails and even tell their friends and others not to buy. This might negatively affect businesses and tarnish their reputation for good. However, a proficient email marketing agency and its campaigns can help grab public interest and heighten brand awareness.

  • Spam is malicious. Spam emails can be the source for a great amount of malware like viruses, Trojans, worms and others which are specifically designed to disrupt or damage computer systems.

  • Spam is impersonal. Spammers don’t take into account preferences and needs of the public. Their emails aren’t likely to reach the targeted audience which is essential for a successful email marketing campaign. Conversely, with an email marketing agency it’s possible to personalise emails by up to 400 different fields including the recipient’s name, the last date, product, etc.

  • Spam can lead to being shut off by Internet providers. All Internet service providers follow specific codes of conduct forbidding them to send or allow their users to send unsolicited emails via their systems. In most cases, spammers lose their Internet accounts with the service providers they spam from.

  • Spamming has a low ROI. While campaigns carried out by an efficient email marketing agency can have a very high return rate, spamming has usually a return rate of 0,001%. Thus, spammers have to send 10 000 emails in order to get 1 person to respond.

  • In brief, spam isn’t likely to bring benefits or reach set targets like grabbing public interest and maximising public response. If businesses want to boost their sales or get a higher ROI, it’s better for them to refer to an email marketing agency for the deliverability of their email marketing campaigns.

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